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A form of Dag, a Scandinavian god "the son of Night", bringer of daylight to the world. Also associated with water. Also form found as Daq, Dack, Das, Daecca (10th or decca).
rewolf  5/31/2006
From the town of Dax and French commune located in the department of Landes, in the region of Aquitaine, Southern France. Subprefecture the district Dax and chef-lieu of the cantons of Dax Nord and Dax Sud.
The place name derives from the Latin, as the city was called Aquae Tarbellicae (aquae = water) during the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. From this it became Acqs, d'Acqs (the waters)and finally Dax.
rewolf71  8/24/2012

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