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DAZHDBOG could mean something else, not ''a giving god''. In old Croatian language (Slavic by its origins) DAZHD (DAŽD) means rain. So DAZHDBOG might be ''a god of rain'' and not a giving god. Makes more sense to me (I'm Slavic).

To give something in Slavic would be ''DATI'', and ''DAZHD'' has nothing in common with that word. I'm quite sure that ''DAZHDBOG'' means ''a god of rain'' even though I've never heard of that in our ancient mythology.
Nessa Anarion  10/27/2005
Actually the god Dazhdbog doesn't exist. It has always been just Dazhbog (Dažbog).
his other names were Svarožič (the son of Svarog) or Radegast.

Dažbog in old Slavic myths was the god of sun, pictured as a strong young man worn in golden armor. His wife was goddess Chros (Luna), then Morana (Morena) and the last and beloved one was Živa.
Ninuska  2/3/2009

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