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I'm another Deanna. My grandmother's name was Anna and my parents wanted to find a name similar to honour her but didn't like Diana so made it "dee" anna instead. As a child I went by DeeDee and would be quite annoyed if people tried to call me Deanna. Although I was more annoyed if people called me Dianna or spelled it with an "i". I still use Dee with my family and friends but I love my name and that it includes my grandma's name as part of it.
dee4338  11/25/2015
Wow, seeing lots of comments about Deanna being pronounced "Dee-na" or "Dee-AN-ah"! I've met a few Deannas (including myself) but I've never met anyone who pronounces their name this way. Honestly, I hate when people pronounce my name like that, it sounds so fingernails-down-chalkboard-y. But it makes sense now why so many people have read my name out that way! For me and the Deanna's I know, our name is pronounced "Dee-AHH-nah" (like how you pronounce the character Anna's name from Frozen, but with a "De" before it).
My Nonna still spells it "Diana", because "Deanna" is (according the Italians I know) the phonetic spelling of "Diana"; In a lot of European countries "Diana" is pronounced "De-UHN-nah". So "Deanna" was, apparently, supposed to be the phonetic spelling of it to help people pronounce Diana "right". Looks like that backfired! Even I don't pronounce it "correctly" haha. I like the name even though it's always mispronounced, I usually go by "Dee" anyway.
― Anonymous User  11/12/2015
I know someone called this who pronounces it Dee-na, and was utterly confused when I saw her name written down. Looks like Dee-anna to me.
― Anonymous User  10/22/2007
One of my oldest friends names is Deanna, pronounced "Dee-na".
ayn_shula  5/29/2006
I believe it can also be Polish when pronounced "dee-AH-nah." (According to my Polish friend.)
― Anonymous User  3/13/2006
My name is Deanna, and I pronounce it Dee-ANNA, like the name Anna with a De- in front of it. "Deana" is a totally different name.
rubberduckiiz2  1/4/2006

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