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The great Debbie Reynolds (born Mary Francis Reynolds) chose this name as her stage name.
gaelruadh19  5/7/2005
Debbie (Deborah) Harry, singer in Blondie, is a famous bearer.
― Anonymous User  12/29/2005
There's a song by a band called "sugarcult" called Debbie. It's kinda funny. The first line of the song says "Debbie was a lesbian yesterday".
scott  10/25/2007
Is it wrong of me to think of "Debbie Does Dallas" upon hearing this name?
ICEyun  2/25/2009
Debbie was the name of one of the characters on The Wild Thornberrys. She was Eliza's older sister, and had typical teen girl interests.
bananarama  6/20/2010
Debbie (Deborah) Gibson was a popular teen singer in the 1980s.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2013
"Debbie Downer" is a slang phrase that refers to someone who is frequently negative and brings down the mood of everyone around them. There was a character on SNL with this name.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2013
There was a girl in The Amanda Show named Debbie. She was the stupid girl that always said "I like eggs".
― Anonymous User  5/9/2013
Lil Debbie is an American-Italian rapper.
― Anonymous User  8/12/2015
Debbie Reynolds, rest in peace.
DundiculutNicholas  1/7/2017
Debbie Matenopoulos is an American television host. Matenopoulos was born in Richmond, Virginia, of Greek ancestry. She is the daughter of Efrosini, a hair stylist, and Nicolaos T. Matenopoulos, a furniture maker. Her birth name is Despina Matenopoulos, named after her grandmother. Despina was later anglicized to Debbie.
cutenose  6/28/2017

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