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No book I have ever looked at has identified the meaning of this name. Is this the only name in the world whose meaning has been lost?
-- Anonymous User  12/7/2004
Declan means: man of prayer.
-- emogoddess  1/5/2005
The original Gaelic spelling of Declan was Deaglan. Deag, or Dag means good, and lan means full. So the translation of Declan is more accurately full of goodness.
-- fobusgrrl  3/31/2005
Cindy Lauper's son is named Declan, and it's Elvis Costello's given name.
-- Fink  8/12/2005
I don't think anyone outside of the UK will know this, but one famous bearer is pint-sized TV personality Declan Donnely, part of the duo Ant and Dec.
-- hana  2/9/2006
Love this name but I've come to associate it with little trouble makers! Lol, only for the reason that every Declan I know is one.
-- Gianna  6/21/2006
A character on the television show "Kyle XY" is named Declan.
-- Anonymous User  8/1/2006
The way I've heard this said is DEC-lan.
-- Aqua  9/23/2006
I love this name for many reasons, and plan on using it someday. I just sincerely hope that it's pronounced "DECK-lynn", and not "de-KLAN". What a cool name!
-- Pheadirean  12/28/2006
In a movie named Jackal, Declan was the name of a character. This was the first time I have heard that name.
-- theo  2/15/2007
Anglicized form of Déaglán. St. Déaglán was a 5th century Abbot and Bishop in Ireland.
-- AngelicGE  5/10/2007
Declan Dunn is a character from the show Mysterious Ways. He was portrayed by Adrian Pasdar, the babe.

I don't really like this name, it's too harsh.
-- nothingshortoftragic  6/25/2007
Love this name, but prefer the Deaglan spelling.
-- NiamhWitch  11/17/2007
Declan Galbraith is a famous bearer of this name.
-- RussianChick  3/8/2008
I loved the name Declan but I've always spelt it like "Deklan".
-- Miss_Gorgeous  3/11/2008
Mysterious Ways is how I know this name. I liked the character of Declan, so I kind of like this name.
-- Anonymous User  5/15/2008
I don't know the proper phonetic symbols, but the name is pronounced deck-(like a deck in the back yard) lan - (like a lanyard).
-- laurabeth14  5/28/2008
Yuck. This name is mostly used by parents who are too proud of their "Irish" heritage. Not only is the faux Irish trend ridiculous, but I can't even pronounce this name at all. It also sounds ghetto.
-- bananarama  8/30/2008
The comment above is entirely ignorant! I believe the name is nice and simple, especially for a traditional Irish name, and is rather charming.
-- Anonymous User  10/1/2008
If you are struggling with the pronunciation I worry for you. I thought you were an English speaker? Declan is Anglicised, it's pretty obvious how it's said.

Oh and the faux Irish trend would involve something like the muddled Shayeleigh, Aeoedyean or O'Fallyn. Declan doesn't count. It's real.
-- Anonymous User  11/3/2008
Declan is NOT faux Irish, like the ignorant person above stated. I have Irish heritage on my dad's side (I'm Canadian), and know of several ancestors with this name. I'm also familiar with the TV show Mysterious Ways and someone who looks like Adrian Pasdar is my "stereotypical" image of what a Declan should look like. I highly doubt that I will ever have children, but if I did, this would be my first choice for a boy. I simply love it.
-- Katja32  11/12/2008
It seems like a name that no matter the person's faults, they are really endearing and you'll always forgive them.
-- Grimscarlett  10/4/2008
This name is kind of nice. It sounds like the name of an energetic boy.
-- number1212  3/21/2009
I was going to be named this if I was a boy. I like it, sounds fun but professional. I also know a really cute little boy named this, he is so sweet and fun.
-- Anonymous User  8/22/2009
I'm not overly fond of this version of the name, as it's a rough English phonetic translation made a few centuries ago. Declan isn't bad, but I find the "deck" bit heavy and ugly. I think Déaglán is much nicer. Déaglán is an awesome, strong, masculine name for a boy.
-- Anonymous User  9/16/2009
My son's first name is Declan. I think it's one of the most wonderful boys names I've ever heard. People who think it's a false Irish name are obviously misinformed. The name is real and centuries old. But I have to agree with it belonging to troublemakers. My Declan by far fits that description. Everyone has the right to like or dislike a name as they please, but close mindedness, I find irritating.
-- saraharthur  10/13/2009
Since when do you have to be Irish to name your child Declan? That would be like saying that you cannot name your child Isabella when you are not Italian. I am not Irish at all and I adore this name. When I first read this name I figured that its pronounced DECK-lan. It surprises me that some people would pronounce it Dee-KLAN.
-- McHobbit  10/28/2009
The name "Declan" comes from Gaelic and means "Full of goodness".
-- baby_name_nerd_050  1/11/2010
Declan is the name of the lead male character in the just released romcom "Leap Year." I had heard of this name long before this movie and have always liked it. Nice sounding name and lovely meaning.
-- peta  1/13/2010
Declan is a really sweet name, one of my fav boys names actually :) and I'm not even Irish. :P :)
-- kylaaxx  6/6/2010
Declan is a traditional Irish name, but it is also a 18th century Native Indian name (HEILTSUK nation). I named my son "Deklan" but changed the spelling to be original and unique.
-- JestinaC  7/13/2010
I love it because it's charming and handsome, and I think it's really cool because I'm part Irish and found I have a few ancestors called Declan! (:
-- LittleSamGirl  9/13/2011
I don't really like Declan because of the pronunciation. Sounds like "Deck Land."
-- Kinola  7/9/2012
Pronounced DEK-lən in Ireland and the UK.
-- Anonymous User  12/29/2012
Um, ew. This doesn't even sound like a name, the pronunciation is just ugly. Never heard of it before, and hope I never meet anyone with this name.
-- Anonymous User  1/19/2013
Declan Coyne was a character on Degrassi the next generation.
-- StarlessNight  3/2/2013
The name Declan is Celt derived and most often pronounced deck-lan as mentioned, but I confirm that the trouble making description is rooted in the name. De: means to be removed from, and of course Clan: is family. So Declan is :removed from the family or separated from. I wouldn't think of naming a child with any negative associations. Life is hard enough without it. I'm very intriqued by the comments of trouble-maker personalities. Especially by the mother of a Declan. Very interesting.
--  12/6/2013
I've always liked the name Declan; spelt both ways (Declan, Deklan) it's a nice boyish name but it ages well. Also makes for a nice middle name and it goes with a lot of first names.
-- Lauradj  4/25/2014
As a person proud of her Irish heritage (even though I married a French guy from Scotland.. lol) my children and myself have Gaelic names... Mine is Tara (the hill), my daughter's middle name is Shay (fairy place) and my son's name is Declan.. Also the name of my first maternal forefather to touch American soil in 1751. We found his name along with a few other "authentic" gaelic names conducting genealogy research into both sides of my family... We have had Irish pairings since forever it seems, and every 3-4 generation there is a Declan so my time was now.. lol.. I am the only Tara and my daughter is the 3rd Shay. I think Declan is a wonderful name and even though it's not for everyone, my son's name comes with a sense of history and pride in his heritage.
-- Anonymous User  6/23/2014
Deklan is my son's name, it is pronounced deck-lynn.
-- deklansmommy  7/25/2014
Declan Bennett, an English singer/songwriter and an actor who plays Charlie Cotton in EastEnders.
-- LoveHeartKawaii  8/18/2014
Patrick Stump, the lead singer of Fall Out Boy, has a son named Declan :)
-- thepittsburghgirl  10/15/2014

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