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This sounds like a really bad word name. I mean, some word -er names are nice-sounding, like for example, Ender is not too bad, but Deemer? Like, I deem you worthy? Uh. No.
-- Anonymous User  1/21/2009
I once knew a girl named Redeemer. When I first heard it, I thought it was quite odd (of course, I didn't say this to her face), but after a while it grew on me. Redeemer. It's a great concept for a name, and I think it's a much better sentiment than Deemer, which now seems incomplete to me.
-- erb816  2/10/2011
I don't like the sound of it. It has an interesting meaning, though. It reminds me of the words demure and deem.
-- Bazinga  12/25/2011
In my opinion, I think it fits better as a surname/last name rather than a first name.
-- luxlisbon  6/19/2015
I find the name interesting. It sounds strange but at the same time feels like a name a bad guy or some person with less than honorable intentions or methods would have. Not to mention I picture this on a guy that tends to look down on or ridicule others. This is all my opinion of course. The meaning given lends to this image as well, the meaning being "judge".
-- Raya_Moon  8/15/2017

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