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Sounds like a good name for an evil character in a story..
Skythedragon  10/14/2006
I know, I love the names Phobos and Deimos for an evil duo.
― Anonymous User  7/11/2008
Deimos is pronounced like day-moss.
― Anonymous User  9/20/2008
Despite the meaning, I think that Deimos is a gorgeous name. If you look into the mythology, Deimos and his brother Phobos together represent the fear of loss, because their mother is Aphrodite. It's tragically beautiful.
vincentmoon  9/20/2008
Name of the male demon stalking the main character of the classic manga Bride of Deimos, Minako.
MisquotedWarrior  10/3/2008
I really like this name; I'm using it for the main character in a story I'm writing - I think it sounds quite mysterious.
xkimlyx  7/1/2009
My boyfriend's not a native English speaker and he's been using Deimos as his name since middle school (as far as I remember). I should probably push him to change it because he looks like anything but not a devil at all.
― Anonymous User  9/25/2017
I like this name.
TheKawaiiPsycho666  3/17/2018

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