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My name is spelt Dejah but pronounced the same as Deja Vu, I'm not a fan of the name because growing up in the world I live in today is so judgmental that I've been made fun of all my life just because of my unusual name.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2018
My middle name is Dejah. I was named after Deja Thoris because my parents wanted me to have a strong name. I am 12 years old and I live in the states. I know where my name comes from and having a name that means 'already' is okay in my book because my name is not Deja vu it is Dejah and therefore it does not mean "already", my name may mean already but that is okay because I may have tried something already and maybe I failed at that but it is good to do things you have done already for fun or to see if you have improved. Now for all the haters of this name, that is your opinion and please try to be a little kinder when voicing your opinion because if you have had a bad experience with a person with this name does not mean all people who have this name are like that. I went looking for other sources of what my name means and I came upon this website and I thought the straight fact comments were useful, but I did not find the hate comments useful.
hatchet10  4/12/2018
Who cares if it has a satisfactory meaning or not? The majority of people who name their children Delores or Hannah or Alex don't go searching for the meanings before they do, and they certainly don't fall in love with the meanings before they fall in love with the name. A name can sound beautiful with no meaning at all. Some people love the phonology of it, and some purists are fixated on semantics. Don't take other people's beautiful names so personally.
deeblack  1/11/2018
There are many names that have weird meanings, even ones you're used to. Like Kennedy and Oscar which are pretty common and a search will show the meaning behind the names if you want to do the leg work. I think the name Deja is beautiful.
SherlocksHomeboy  12/27/2016
My name is Deja and I think that it is alright to use this "word" as a name. I mean it's your name, no one else's and what people call you, you have to deal with it. Lots of people have names that others say are "words" "actions" or so on but why does it really matter? It's not your name and if it is and you don't like it OK that's you, but I think the name Deja is a name and a word. I mean all things are words if you can say it it's a word, that's what I think. It's a pretty name and you get used to it. So my opinion is that Deja is a name and you may not like that but that's my opinion and you have an opinion too that may be different but these are not facts.
Deja_Fb  11/24/2016
My name is Deja and I think it's really unique. But the only thing that I don't like is when people criticize it. There are other names like Ruby and many more that have something to do with an object or another meaning in other languages but seriously people, do we have to say that Deja or Dejah is a stupid name? Yes, they do mean different things in other states or countries but I still think that they are beautiful and unique names and that's what makes it special to the ones with the name Deja or Dejah. And if you name your kid one of those names it's not like you're actually naming them Déjà vu.
― Anonymous User  4/5/2016
In 1997 I found myself pregnant again. My first daughter was from a previous marriage and I named her Cassia. (pronounced Cassie-UH)

Having a child already with a rather unique name I was stumped as to what to name this child. I kept telling my best friend that I was having Deja vu. Pregnant, again with a girl, again. One day she called me up and said "how about Deja? You keep saying you're having Deja vu!"

Both my daughters love their names and they suit them perfectly. I am Deborah Lynne, my oldest daughter is Cassia Breanne and my youngest is Deja Brelyn with her middle name being a combination of her sisters middle name and mine. The only issues I've had with her name is that people want to call her DJ and I had a bit of a time finding a middle name that went well with her last name.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2015
I speak some French, and know that "déjà" means "already." That's not a negative meaning! I always thought it would make a pretty name. Not one that I would use, sure, but it sounds nice to the ear. I never knew that there would be a huge racial uproar about it!
SimoneKadele  4/15/2015
Actually, my last name is Deja. The family is Prussian.
Even though it has no real "meaning" it is a name.
mynamis  3/17/2015
For those who are not named or have kids named Deja, why do you care? Anyway, I named my daughter this name because I felt as if i "already" knew her before she was conceived. She was everything I desired in a child and she was predestined to be my daughter and I her father. That's good enough for me.
toles20  3/1/2015
Please note, in order to feel something or someone is GHETTO, you must be ghetto. Now, what Dejah means to me, is my beautiful African American 6 year old daughter, with big beautiful eyes, thick course long hair, and an amazing spirit. A little girl of such innocence and knowledge. And what's funny is, she has "ALREADY", been here, due to her level of wisdom and maturity. I love my daughters name. Ask yourself what does your name mean. Hmmmmmm.
sophiaD36  11/30/2014
One one hand, while I admit that it has a nice ring to it, I couldn't imagine a French speaker with this name (it would probably be considered somewhat edgy/eccentric in French-speaking countries and would likely be frowned upon by the majority). On the other hand, it seems to work well enough for anglophones, who associate it with the déjà vu phenomenon.
There's also the possibility to pronounce it deh-YA, a pronunciation 'variant' which I happen to like all the more as it doesn't reflect the French one.
thelisia  10/18/2014
I have a daughter named Deja and I happen to think it's a beautiful name. I named her that because her father and I shared many Deja vu experiences together, so it just fit for us. And of course I did research on the meaning before we had her. It still holds a special meaning for us. And it's rude to call someone's name stupid.
mama1234  6/26/2014
When I first met my husband, he told me that if he had a girl he would call her Deja, as he has liked the name since he was nine. Our first child was a son, and he died after 2 months, we were really devastated as we were told we would never be able to have another child, however two years time I got pregnant again and and then came our angel from heaven, a little girl and we call her Deja, she looked soo much like our son, you would have thought it was him... I love the name Deja as it means to have been here before, and I thank jehovah everyday for her.
MystiqueSweeney  5/28/2014
My great-grandmother's maiden name was Deja. She was French/Polish. Me & my three children will soon be changing our last names legally to Deja. It's a beautiful name - and it is an actual name - I have papers from 1843 proving it.
iceblue  5/10/2014
Excuse me, but you do realize that people can read your comments and you can totally make someone depressed about their name? My name is Dejah but spelled differently. I am 10 and as a matter of fact I love my name and have no intention to change my name. I personally don't care when people call me Deja vu. My parents, before they met both loved the name Dajah from 2 different sources, a book and a song. And have you ever thought about the movie John Carter? The princesses name is Dejah Thoris. Im just saying that saying your opinions about a name can be good and bad. The good part is you can help parents choose a name and the bad part is that you can hurt peoples feelings. So be careful how you say things. Also in chinese it means summer.
― Anonymous User  5/3/2014
To the person who said "Also in chinese it means summer." Where are you getting this information? Summer is 夏天,that's xia4tian1 in pinyin. Deja does not mean summer, please don't spread false information...
― Anonymous User  11/28/2016
There's nothing wrong with this name. My mom got it from a song and everyone says how pretty it is. So instead of saying my name is so called 'stupid' and being completely rude. Think about it. I love my name and think it's perfect for me.
dejacoulter  3/24/2014
I can see why you would name your daughter a French word like Belle, which means beautiful, but 'already'?! I have a feeling that a large percentage of the people who give this name to their children don't even know what it means. Which is just sad.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2013
We have a daughter named déjà, everyone is entitled to their opnions as to why someone would name their child a 'word' in another's language, we had two names chosen for her when she was born and when I looked at my daughter she felt like an old soul to me that we have met once before. I know it sounds weird but she wasn't just my new born. it was like I had already met her before, so it was like Deja vu!
We have a lot of African immigrants that moved here and they named their children names that are considered 'words' to us in English like Fresh or pure etc.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2013
Why would parents want to give their daughters a name that means "already"? It sounds like the parents are saying, "been there, done that", like their daughters are just routine.
gaelruadh19  1/12/2012
I went to high school with a girl named Deja. (And I took French for 4 years, so yes I know what "Deja vu" means.) Honestly, I thought it was a really cool name.
erb816  9/12/2010
This is my name, and my father literally named me after the sensation of deja vu. (He constantly had it while my mother was pregnant with me) I am white middle class, and aware of what my name means. Am I happy that I sound like an unconjugated verb to other language speakers? No. I've grown to love my name, minus the deja vu jokes, I've had very little issues with it. (Besides the fact everyone assumes I'm African American).
Vivix  11/20/2009
I'm French. I have never met a French person with this name, thank goodness!

Since moving to America, I have a feeling that someone grabbed a French book and picked out a random word from it without bothering to understand the meaning. It also screams ghetto to me.

Honestly, parents, THINK for a moment - names are important.
― Anonymous User  10/5/2009
Dejah Thoris was a character in some early 20th-century science fiction novels written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the author of Tarzan. She was a princess of Mars, described as a beautiful, coppery-skinned young woman who wore no clothing except for strategically placed jewels. She is a favorite subject of comic book artists who draw busty, scantily clad sci fi vixens. I'd guess that some of the girls named Deja or Dejah were named after the character Dejah Thoris.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2009
What a random choice for a name, although it admittedly has an alright sound to it. I think I've heard of a Dejané before, but that's probably related to Dejan.

Deja is also Slavic, meaning "to do something, to act".
not_another_Jessica  12/29/2008
I think this name is silly. Aren't you basically naming your kid "already"?
bananarama  7/14/2008
This is how my name is pronounced, but it's spelled d-a-i-j-a-h. I like this name because it's unique, but it took a while to grow on me.
daijah92  5/27/2008
The people who use this name clearly don't have a clue what it means, and they seem to prefer names that sound like tacky pseudonyms for bad r'n'b singers or hip hoppers rather than names that have maturity and class. A ridiculous name.
slight night shiver  4/21/2008
In Spanish, "Deja" is a conjugated form of the verb "dejar," meaning "to leave." It is the form used when talking about a single third person or when formally addressing someone. Although I believe the Spanish pronunciation is not "DEja," but "deJA."
CkLmJ_CrAzY  8/8/2007
In Lithuanian the word "Deja" means "unfortunately".
monie  6/23/2007
This is our last name. Four generations ago a French family emigrated to Poland where the surname apparently thrived because we run into other Polish Dejas occasionally. In Polish the "j" is pronounced like a "y", but most teachers and people in the U.S. who read our name out loud before asking how to pronounce it aspirate the "j" like an "h" for a Spanish word spelled the same way which (we have been told) means the command "go away"!
dejanet  5/17/2007
I don't especially like this name. For me, it's like naming a child "Nevaeh" or something of the like. Why take a name from the French for "already" when there are so many other great names out there?
― Anonymous User  4/29/2007
Déjà is a word, not a name. It's like naming your child "already".
lillinparadise  12/17/2006
Actually, it IS a name and a popular one at that, mind you. That's like saying Ruby isn't a name, it's a jewel. Nonsense.
― Anonymous User  3/25/2007
You can't compare Déjà and Ruby! Déjà is just a random foreign word used as a name, whereas it's not a name in its original country. Would you name you daughter 'already'? I knew a Madness once, but that doesn't mean it's a name.
lillinparadise  9/16/2007
In response to lillinparadise, not all people know what 'de ja' means, and by the time they find out what it means their child is already named. Oh and yes, I would name my child Already.
― Anonymous User  10/13/2007
My name is Deja and I think that it is a very pretty name. Until now I have never seen my name anywhere and I'm glad people know how pretty this name is.
Deja  11/18/2005
This is a sentence fragment, not a name. That is to say, in French language, "de ja" is an incomplete thought, and would not make sense as a proper name to a French speaker.
Monsieur_Lapin  7/7/2005

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