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This name became synonomous with ignorant rustics (mainly Southern U.S.) at some point. Think long and hard before naming a child this. I have two uncles named Delbert from the Ozarks.
― Anonymous User  9/5/2005
I don't like Delbert as a first name, but I think it would sound good as a middle name. I think Laurence Delbert would go nice together.
― Anonymous User  3/12/2008
Sounds kind of nerdy to me. Like a beady-eyed accountant. Hmm, he would make an interesting character though.
ICEyun  2/25/2009
According to a 2014 study by Verdant Labs, Delbert is the most Republican male name in the United States.
jbr1234  8/8/2015
It sounds like one of those names that was popular and is now really out of touch. I agree it would make for a wonderful middle name after an older male relative.
Kidwins9  11/7/2015
The name Delbert was given to 21 boys born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/20/2016
This name is super cute, and should be used more. Del, Bert and Bertie could be nicknames. I would love to see Delbert revived.
Paula Puddephatt  5/25/2017
Name of Elvis' bodyguard Delbert Bryant "Sonny" West, Jr. (1938-2017).
Nifty_Name_Nerd  8/26/2017

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