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Also, a common nickname used by the Irish for Bridget.
-- cairosam  3/9/2009
I found one of my Irish ancestors went by the name of Bridget early in her life and Delia later. Investigating, I found that one form of Bridget is Bedelia, shortened to Delia. I am told by an Irish friend that this form of Bridget is still found in the west of Ireland. I recommend you should include this derivation of the name Delia in your list. See also, where Bridget/Bedelia/Delia is listed.
[noted -ed]
-- CCon  8/6/2009
Delos means "clear, shining", so I imagine that Delia's meaning would be derived from that.
-- New_Chloe  6/23/2011
Delia was the name of the little girl Cerberus saved from a shark. She was later killed by a trick of Hades' and Cerberus agreed to guard the gates of the underworld for 1000 years in exchange for Hades returning her spirit.
-- Jay3  11/20/2013

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