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This name is pronounced del-il-ah in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
I do not think this is a good name. Despite how pretty it is, the original Delilah betrayed one of God's people, Samson. Because she betrayed Samson, I don't think this is a good name. I do acknowledge that it is pretty, though.
AndrewJKD  3/26/2005
I agree that Delilah is a pretty name - but I could never use it (for the same reason listed above in the last comment).
― Anonymous User  7/6/2005
Delilah seems to be a controversial name, but in fact it was favoured by the (deeply religious) Puritans in the 17th Century. The Biblical character was treacherous, but also a beauty and intelligent, which may be why they adopted her name.
― Anonymous User  10/29/2005
I can only hear it sung by Tom Jones. There is also a woman on the radio in America, who I cannot stand, called Delilah, the show has her name.
― Anonymous User  12/16/2005
Don't you think the biblical Delilah wasn't exactly aptly named? Someone who's capable of torture and murder definitely isn't a delicate little flower.
hana  1/27/2006
Tom Jones is not the only one to sing about "Delilah". Freddie Mercury (& Queen) did a song on their Innuendo album which in fact was all about one of Freddie's beloved cats. In tribute to the memory of Freddie, we named our new puppy "Delilah".
LORI602  2/7/2006
I also agree that this is a pretty name (simply beautiful) but I would never name my daughter this due to the reasons and comments forementioned.
Milene  3/16/2006
In the Bible, Delilah was "bad", but what a beautiful name! I just wish it wouldn't have spolied it.
― Anonymous User  4/29/2006
This is the name of a song by The Dresden Dolls.
patchworkgirl  5/10/2006
As several others have said, I love the name Delilah, but the connection it has to a biblical 'bad guy' sort of ruins the name for me. I also like the nickname Lily for Delilah.
estel  5/20/2006
Delilah is a fine name. People name their kids Diana, though by all acounts, she was a very vengeful and occasionally violent goddess. People name their children Lorelei, after a siren-like being who lured sailors to the rocks. The meaning or background of a name does not necessarily ruin the name.
websurfer  5/28/2006
The German variant of "Delilah" is "Delila", which is pronounced [delila] with a stress on the "i".
iva_toneva  6/12/2006
"Hey There Delilah" is a song by the Plain White T's that I love and I love the name as well. I don't see anything wrong with using it, even though it seems to be controversial - it's a beautiful name and deserves to be treated as such.
wefrox  7/17/2006
"Hey there, Delilah, what's it like in New York City, I'm a thousand miles away, but tonight you look so pretty, yes you do. Times square can't shine as bright as you."
thecookiemonster  2/20/2009
I don't see why this name should be turned on for the reasons given. Forgive the example, but I doubt if you saw a prostitute named Ashley on Jerry Springer who had told her boyfriend's most crippling secret to someone who brought his very purpose of life down with it, would you turn your back on the name. Just because Delilah played her mistake out in biblical times doesn't mean she was more damned than hypothetical Ashley. And that's what it was, a mistake. No one's to say Delilah didn't in the end love Sampson, or that he didn't forgive her for it, or that she didn't regret the act. She was just a girl who lived the story of her life, just as your daughters by the same name would live out their individual story. If the name feels right, use it.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2006
Delilah is a beautiful name for a girl. No past history on the name should stop you from using it. Maybe your child will turn the name around and make it have a good image. I like the nickname Lila/Lilah for this name.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2006
Delilah does have a very pretty sound to it. The Tom Jones song isn't bad either. The smarmy call-in radio woman in the US IS bad, however. Lol, I always thought it would be fun to open a men's hair salon and call it Delilah's.
Starla Roxanne  9/18/2006
I think I'm definitely going to name my daughter Delilah. This is such a pretty name!
candleburn  11/5/2006
Diddy recently named his daughter Delilah, but spelt it D'Lila. I think that's really stupid!
― Anonymous User  12/28/2006
Technically his hair was not the source of his strength, his hair represented the oath he had taken and in that way was set apart for God. It wasn't the haircut, it was the broken oath.
Saru  2/23/2007
I wouldn't hesitate using this name because of Biblical connotations, because in my opinion, the connotations are good. Delilah, beautiful, strong, and intelligent, was a sort of spy for the Philistines. And while she betrayed Samson, who was God's chosen, Samson had already betrayed God by repeatedly disobeying him.
― Anonymous User  3/13/2007
Personally, I think Delilah is a wonderful name, despite the bad rap it might get. No one who hears that name is going to think that girl is the "original" Delilah, nor have anything to do with her. She'll just be a girl with a pretty name.
― Anonymous User  4/26/2007
I love the name Delilah. It is absolutely beautiful. I also love that she was a "femme fatale" in a ridiculous biblical story because that makes the name better for people who don't believe such nonsense. Delilah is a melodic and beautiful name. If you don't like this name, then don't use it, simple as that.
Eee  6/30/2007
I love the name Delilah, but I think it makes a better dog name than a girls name. My uncle used to have a doberman pincher named Delilah, so when I hear that name I think of this really sweet, loveable dog.
joanie2007  8/17/2007
These days, people won't automatically associate Delilah with the Biblical story - they'll start singing the Plain White T's song!
khaotickharma  8/25/2007
Exactly! I like this name, but every time I hear it, I think of that song.
skatergirl2  11/29/2007
But a song goes, a name stays. In a few years - or even months - most people won't really think of that song anymore.
LoQuiero  12/3/2007
Delilah is such a beautiful name and it is one of my favorites. I don't think it should be ruined because of the girl in the Bible called Delilah. It's simple and it has a nice meaning (though I don't want to name my daughter this). I once saw that it meant ´´Hair`` (I don't think that is true) or ´´One who Weakened``. I think I'll stick to ´´Delicate``!
dreamgirl54  1/12/2008
I love the name Delilah, and I don't think just because one person with the name was bad, doesn't mean everybody else is going to be a bad person. For example, there was a serial killer who went by the name Jack-the-Ripper, but that didn't stop people from naming their children Jack.
― Anonymous User  1/19/2008
Pronounced "deh-li:lah".
Karcoolka  1/26/2008
Gah, hideous. I can't believe I liked this name at 13. Somehow it just sounds so overtly religious and tacky.
slight night shiver  4/21/2008
The bible can't ruin my impression of this name. It's gorgeous. Maybe it's because I'm not too fond of the bible anyway.
LouisLovePower  4/24/2008
I wouldn't let the Bible ruin your impression of this name; personally, I doubt that story ever happened in real life, anyway.
MelvinSpelvin  6/16/2008
I love this name. It's beautiful. I'm not religious and even if I was I would not dislike this name just because of something that happened in the bible.
Rachelgirl1989  7/5/2008
What a delectably beautiful name! Delilah was one of several Biblical "bad girls" but in my opinion has the loveliest name of all! Her treachery would stop me using the name, for she is inextricably linked to the name, as its prototype. Similarly, I'd never use Jezebel. Two other Biblical "bad girls" - Eve and Vashti - were guilty of disobedience to their husbands, and so not so heinous in their "crimes" as Delilah and Jezebel!
Jonquil  8/22/2008
I love the name Delilah. I think it's a bit too grown up on a little girl and I don't like the nickname Lila for it so I would use it as a middle name.
I agree with the poster a few comments above; naming a daughter Delilah is a nice way of showing you couldn't care less about the "bad" biblical connection. If I ever name a daughter Delilah, it will be after the lovely song by the Plain White T's.
renee06  9/19/2008
My problem with this name is NOT the biblical character. It's very pretty, and the story could very well be fiction, but it makes me the think of that annoying song "Hey There Delilah".
bananarama  12/5/2008
I usually dislike -iah names; they sound so foreign and holier-than-thou, like something an Amish couple would pick for their (unfortunate) children, but I like Delilah. It's very beautiful and regal, without sounding overly pompous or tacky. It makes me think of a beautiful Eurasian girl, strangely enough.
― Anonymous User  1/14/2009
I love the nickname "Lilah" for this name!
sqirrlie  4/16/2009
My name is Delilah Rose and I always have issues with the Tom Jones, Plain White T's and Biblical references, but I don't shun them. The notoriety is fun and people always tell me I have a gorgeous name. I am hardly ever called Lilah, and Lily is the farthest from nicknames for me. And I hate being called Dee or DeeDee. My closest family and friends always refer to me as "Ly", and my grandmother calls me "Lylee". As for its infamy, I am pretty offended that most Christian name books won't even acknowledge it as a possible name for a baby. It worked just fine for the Puritans.
Gothiclovesick  5/3/2009
AWESOME NAME! Awesome name for "femme fatale"! It sounds so great! I'll name my daughter Delilah after the famous song by the Plain White T's! =)
Ravynne  8/18/2009
Really awesome name-sexy and mysterious.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2009
My daughter’s name is Delilah. A name is all a matter of point of view. The masculine implications of the name insight deception, however from a feminine point of view, the biblical illustrates a strong woman, with the means to take charge, be strong and resolve a need, whether her own or others, she gets the job done. She is beautiful to an end that any man, even the strongest would crumble to meet her needs. She is in command, a siren that knows what she wants and how to get it. She is what any mother would want, a strong, independent, beautiful, intelligent woman who could lead rather than follow. Songs are written about Delilah’s gifts, she is indeed unique, the name in essence vows that love has no bounds.
gff  9/3/2009
Croatian form of this name is Dalila dah-LIL-ah.
enchy  9/15/2009
This name is really pretty!
― Anonymous User  10/14/2009
I have always loved the name Delilah. I am Catholic and I consider this as a baby's name. It is a shame that this name belongs to this person who is shunned by my religion. What if it wasn't really her name? I am sure that Adam and Eve weren't the names of the first two people on Earth. The names aren't old enough and are used in English.
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
I've always thought Delilah was a beautiful name. Same thing with Jezebel. But in my youth group (I'm a Christian, in case anyone was wondering), another girl mentioned that if she ever had a daughter, she'd want to name her Delilah Faye. I think that name is *beautiful*!
erb816  2/16/2010
My favourite name! I'm not religious, so I have no problems with its Biblical connections, and despite the name meaning weak, I think the Biblical Delilah would've been a very strong, independent woman to be able to betray Samson.
― Anonymous User  6/20/2010
Delilah was the name of a horse in the tv and book series The Saddle Club. She had a foal named Samson at the end of the first series.
― Anonymous User  6/20/2010
"Lila" is a shortened form of the name "Delilah". Additionally, "Lila" can be a variation of the names "Layla", "Lilian" and "Lily".
― Anonymous User  12/13/2010
I love this name and would definitely consider using it. The negative biblical connotations don't matter to me. One person who bore this name has nothing to do with every other person who has this name, and if I were to name a daughter Delilah it's not like I'd be naming her after the woman from the Bible. I'd be giving my daughter a name that I think is beautiful and I would be choosing not to let one person ruin a perfectly good name.
― Anonymous User  12/26/2010
For me, it's easy to ignore the negative associations with the name Delilah. This is possibly because, although the name isn't super common, it's still fairly well used. It's not a name like Jezebel, which is extremely unpopular as a given name and is pretty much exclusively associated with the woman from the Bible. Delilah has been used enough so that I don't automatically think of the biblical Delilah. Instead, I simply think of Delilah as a strong and beautiful name that is capable of moving beyond it's biblical associations.
fairy lights  12/26/2010
Biblical scholars tend to believe that the story of Samson and Delilah is a retelling of an ancient Middle Eastern fable which is pagan in origin and far older than the Bible.

The fable is one about the sun and the moon - note that Samson means "sun" and Delilah sounds similar to the Arabic names meaning "night".

No doubt Delilah sapping Samson's strength is just a simple tale of the "weak" moon seemingly overpowering the "strong" sun each night.
keepitreal  1/23/2011
Delilah Loud, the daughter in the groundbreaking early 70's PBS documentary, An American Family.
― Anonymous User  5/12/2011
I think the name is strong in a way but also sweet and delicate, but in the end I love the name.
― Anonymous User  6/3/2011
"Hey there Delilah", from PLAIN WHITE T'S is a song from that band. That's my first initial impression I get. The song is sweetly melodic so for that is also the name, sweet.
Hebrews_and_Shebrews  8/8/2011
It's very pretty. I don't really care for the events of Samson and Delilah (I mean, you don't know it happened for sure.)
I think more of the adorable Plain White T's song, Hey There Delilah. I would like to use it on a future daughter.
― Anonymous User  8/22/2011
I hate this name. I know one little girl with this name. She is about 8 years old. She gets teased and her name is constantly pronounced incorrectly. Do you kid a favor and leave this name in the books.
GibsonGirl  8/22/2011
Nothing about this name is good. The sound of it is ugly, the meaning is horrible (nice job, telling your daughter she is weak), and the Biblical connection is extremely negative. In fact I thought that the Samson and Delilah story would be enough to keep this name unpopular forever, but obviously I was wrong.
sunshinechild67  1/7/2012
Ashton Delilah Shepherd is an American country singer.
― Anonymous User  3/17/2012
I like this name. I've considered it for a child (with the nickname Della which I'm also fond of). I don't put a lot of stock into mythologies surrounding a name. I wish the meaning was different though.
Zimger  6/16/2012
American actor Patrick Fabian and his wife Mandy Steckelberg have a daughter named Delilah Grace (born 2012 in Los Angeles, California).
― Anonymous User  8/11/2012
My name is Delilah and I have a love/hate relationship with my name. It's great because it has a regal sound to it and I am the only Delilah for miles around. However, the biblical connotations arise frequently. When I was younger, I got teased for the whole Delilah/Samson thing but it did wear off. Now, people mainly mention the songs by Tom Jones and the Plain White T's which gets annoying after a while. I do like my name, though and I think it's a great name for a child. Don't let the small things put you off!
― Anonymous User  10/29/2012
I know someone who gave her child a kreeyateef spelling of this name - Dylisla (looks like di-LIS-la doesn't it! It's actually da-LIE-la!), pretty much a mix of Dylan and Isla. She wanted to name her Delilah but she altered the spelling so she had her parents names in her name. I think she has spoilt a perfectly pretty name!
― Anonymous User  1/26/2013
Delilah reminds me of a gorgeous Persian princess! It sounds very exotic, regal, and intelligent.
AlexandrianScrolls  7/16/2014
This is one name I seriously don't get the appeal of. Why would you want to name your kid something meaning "weak"? Or name them after a Biblical villainess? I also hate that stupid Hey There Delilah song.
Acajou  11/7/2014
I have loads of favorite names, but this is my favorite female one. It's just gorgeous, and mellifluous. The meaning seems ironic to me because it sounds so strong and empowered. Not to mention the excellent songs in which it features! "Hey There Delilah," and Tom Jones' "Delilah," and "Modern Day Delilah"... And I couldn't care less what the biblical one did. Jezebel is a wonderful name, too.
IEnjoyTonsOGoodNames  3/26/2015
My screen name has stated- so that I needn't- what my name is. I feel several things about the name I've been carrying for nearly 30 years, now. My name sounds delicate, and I can hear the tones of languish, indeed. I am well aware that it is blighted by an ancient stygma and seductive moral admonishments. I feel bemused and tickled at times at just how much force a name like it has. Although I'm not from any secret Persian royal lineage (I am African American, princess only to my future husband), but my name has maybe done what was intended and given me an edge of the exotic. Maybe my mother didn't want me to be entirely regular and black (I'm also above a 5 concerning the scale in brains and beauty), how was she to know who I'd be? Perhaps she wanted to give the world, and myself when I was old enough, a moments pause. I can guarantee it projects a different imagery than Jennifer, or Angel, or Denise could hope for. Delilah started her story as an object- and ended as author of her own fate. If Scarlett O'Hara can be loved for steel alone, why not she, as well? Some names are more than names. I could always see the change in the face of a man or woman after they were given my name. Their expectations of me changed- I suppose more was expected of a little black girl named Dehlilia. Names and words are what you make them, but this name made me stronger, more perceptive, and more contemplative. I'm proud to have not a name, but a tale, a philosophy, and a banner.
mynameisDehlilia  4/14/2015
Delilah is a beautiful name. My personal favourite. I don't really care about the story, or believe it for that matter. Hopefully I'll get to give it to
my daughter one day:-)
― Anonymous User  8/9/2015
Beautiful name. Delilah looks and sounds lovely. And it reminds me of the cute, sweet, catchy song as well. ;D.
― Anonymous User  10/12/2015
My name is Delilah. I love my name. I don't think I'm all that bad and I definitely haven't cut anyone's hair off. I am called Lilac, Lilah, Lou, Lilo, etc.
I resent Dede. Everywhere I go people ask "Hey there Delilah what's it like in New York City?" it gets pretty irritating if you ask me. Other than that I love my name.
piekne dziecko  11/13/2015
Super pretty name. I'd use it, if I had the opportunity to do so.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2016
I really don't care if this is the name of an traitor from the Bible; I love it.
― Anonymous User  3/10/2016
I love the name Delilah. I don't really care about the character in the Bible, as I don't believe in it. David is a pretty popular name, and he wasn't exactly the best character, either. The name is beautiful, and if people aren't going to use it because of one character, then it's their loss.
actingfun  3/13/2016
Love the song "Hey There Delilah" by The Plain White T's, and love the name.
chockyboo  3/8/2017
Jesus this name is one of the ugliest. It really does not flow with anything. Anything. It's just a brash and distracting name, and it just sticks out like a sore thumb. No thanks.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2017
I personally wouldn't name my child Delilah, but I think it is a good name for a pet. My friend's name is Dylan and we call him Delilah as a joke.
XxLil.KirbyxX  11/24/2017
My niece's name is Delilah & I love it! It suits her! I think Delilah is a very pretty name & I love that it’s a flower power name! I love saying the name Delilah with a southern accent! We have come up with the cute nickname Deedee for my niece! We are not religious people so the biblical sense of the name does NOT matter to us. But I can understand why other people wouldn’t like it.
CrayStay  4/4/2018

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