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In the "Poldark" books Demelza's told her name means "thy sweetness" (from someone who's attempting to seduce her >_>). I believe it's supposed to be Cornish.

Given the Greek origin of "mel" in reference to "honey", I think it's a reasonable assumption. I certainly don't know where this "fort" placename thing came from.
harotype  12/13/2009
The name Demelza or Demelsa is a lot older than Winston Graham's Poldark books and or the 1970's TV Series or its current remake. Its ultimate derivation is from the old French word Demoiselle - meaning girl or young lady. It survives in modern French as Mademoiselle, the French equivalent of the English Miss. These words for Miss or Young girl in other languages are often used as first names for girls in the English speaking world - Missy and Mädchen are two further examples.
― Anonymous User  10/10/2016

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