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Famous bearer is actor Dermot Mulroney.
Erica30588  11/22/2005
British T4 presenter Dermot O'Leary. I love him!
hana  2/9/2006
Kermit is a form of Dermot. While I love Kermit the frog, I wouldn't name a child Kermit, but I would name a child Dermot.
Jamesina  4/19/2008
Dermot sounds like a fat man in his middle ages who always wastes his time trying to fix fuddly-duddly little mistakes.
GarbageGuy  5/16/2008
The name sounds ultra-Irish to me, and thus a bit out of place elsewhere, even if the person was born in Ireland or has Irish parents. It's not such a horrible name desoite the long schwa, as the Irish pronunciation sounds kind of cute, but it is old-fashioned, and likely to sound ugly elsewhere.
slight night shiver  5/20/2008
Dermot is the name of the pug who won the toy group @ the Westminister Dog show in 2005(?). He was the first pug to win the Toy Group there.
RooRoo  9/6/2008
I like this version better than Diarmuid. Even though I usually dislike anglicized names, Diarmuid reminds me of a prissy little boy, while Dermot seems like a stronger name.
GrainneImmaculata  5/2/2009
Pronounced DUR-mit.
Kate  6/22/2011

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