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I would have expected this to be a French name. I like how it looks and it's not commonly used as first name (though I have heard it as a last name a few times). I don't know how usable it would be in the real world, but it would certainly be usable in a novel or TV show... Speaking of which, I have actually decided to use it as the first name of a mystic character for my next story.
GibsonGirl  8/29/2012
Devereaux Peltier is the main character in Sherrilyn Kenyon's "No Mercy". He is a bear who can shift into human form.
Missy  11/9/2010
I've seen it as a girl's name too, spelt 'Devereaux'. I saw it thus before I knew it was predominantly male, so I can't help thinking of it as a girl's name.
Saffine Grace  1/12/2009
Since I love "The Golden Girls" tv show, I'm reminded of the sex-aholic character, Blanche Devereaux. Thus, I personally can't see naming a child this!
― Anonymous User  1/24/2007
I have heard it as a girls name as well, although I find it far too masculine for me.
bellaboo  11/28/2006
Nickname Dev? One character in my book was named Devonomius (nickname Dev), and I will change the name to Devereux (but he will still have his nickname Dev).
Dahlis  2/18/2006
My Father and Mother made up my name from "Devereux". As the 1st of 6 children, my name is "Deverene".
galo8  11/24/2005

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