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It is also meant δεξιός (dexios) in Greek.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  2/19/2017
The name Dexter is of ancient Greek origin. It derives from the Greek word "dexiteros", a poetic form of the word "dexios", meaning right-handed, fortunate, skilled. The Latin word "dexter" derives from the Greek "dexiteros". ("A Greek-English Lexicon", Liddell and Scott, "Lexicon of the ancient Greek Language", I. Stamatakos, "Lexicon of the Latin Language", S. Koumanoudes)

The name Dexter has been inscribed on a tombstone of the 2nd century BCE found in Corfu, Greece, together with another Greek name: ARETABION HAIRE, DEXTER HAIRE. ("Names and People of Ancient Corfu", by the archaeologist Katerina Kanta-Kitsou, ISBN 960-87179-0-6)
Kassios  2/19/2006

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