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This is a beautiful, musical name.
Star Sister  10/12/2006
Derived from Iranian "DILORO" (DIL-heart, ORO-favourable).
maks  9/29/2007
The meaning is: to win, to move into hearts.
The origin is from the old Persian. Meanwhile this will award name as a Turkish one, however, also as Spanish name. Variations are Di-lara and Dylara.
emelsd  10/14/2009
The Turkish alphabet is a little bit different than the alphabet that is usually used in Western Europe, and as a result, this name can be spelled either with a dot on the 'i', or without a dot.
Lucille  11/22/2009
Dilara in Persian means "beauty of hearth", Persian "دل آرا". This is an obvious Persian name. [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  3/22/2016

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