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This name will be associated with the male organ forever.
Mama1  7/26/2006
Actually, this is a Dutch name and we don't use the word Dick the way you use it. I personally associate the name with the Dutch word "dik" which means "fat". On the whole, I don't really like this name.
renee06  9/15/2007
A famous bearer is Dick Bruna, the creator of Nijntje, a very populair series of children's books in the Netherlands. Nijntje is known as Miffy in the US.
renee06  9/15/2007
I actually used to like this name a lot. However, when talking to my friends one day about names we liked, I mentioned this, and they started to laugh hard.
_clippit_  6/23/2008
Dick is not a diminutive: it is a short form of Diederik (and more of a contracted form for the spelling Diederick). If it were a diminutive, it would have the suffix -ie or -y, or -je (although the latter is least often seen with this name). Dutch diminutives are very specific in that regard. [noted -ed]
Lucille  1/12/2013
A well-known Dutch bearer of this name is the film director Dick Maas (b. 1951), although in his case the name is a variant form of Dirk.
Lucille  1/12/2013
As Lucille mentioned, Dick can also be derived from the name Dirk, itself a derivative of Diederik. Additionally, it is sometimes spelled without the c, as in the case of Dik Trom, whose real name is Dirk and who is the main character in a well-known series of children's books written by Dutch writer C. Joh. Kieviet.
renee06  1/15/2014

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