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Dimitri is a a type of the ancient main male name Dimitrios. Dimitri is an ancient Greek (derives from the Goddess Δήμητρα Demetra - Dimitra, γαια => γα=δα / γη=δη => μήτηρ=μήτρα = μάνα => Δήμητηρ = μάνα γή, γαία = earth and μήτηρ = mother).
It was used as the name among the ancient Greeks, Romans and was very common in medieval and modern Greece. The high frequency of the name is due to the homonymous saint of Christianity the Holy Great Martyr Demetrios.
Dimitris  3/20/2016
The name DIMITRI derives from the Greek ancient religion and mythology. From the goddess Dimitra ( Δημητρα), the goddess of land, agriculture. This name itself derives from the Greek words: DI-MITRA, in Greek ΔΗ-ΜΗΤΡΑ > ΓΗ-ΜΗΤΗΡ=Mother earth.
georgev1112  9/13/2011
The Greek way to write this name is Dimitrios or Demetrios. This name is a strong sounding name and has been in use for ages. A very nice name.
― Anonymous User  8/26/2010
Actually, there is only one spelling of it in Russian, it's just when it was transcribed into English, it can be done so a number of different ways.
― Anonymous User  11/16/2007
The name is not Slavic (Russian), it is Greek. It comes from the St. Dimitrios which is a Greek Orthodox church saint. The Russians adopted the name and changed its spelling to a number of different ways. Such as Dmitry, Dmtry, Dima, Demetry, Dmetry.
dimitri  11/28/2005
I read it came from the Greek godess Demeter.
Lirulin  11/8/2005

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