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Nysa, the famous mountain, was actually the mountain on which the god Dionysos was raised, which is why it is a part of his name.
renee06  8/27/2007
There's a problem with the pronunciation of Διονυσος.

The "υ" is actually pronounced like an I, so it should be pronounced "dee-o-Nee-sos," not "dee-o-Noo-sos."
― Anonymous User  10/21/2008
I like the pronunciation "die-oh-nee-sus" better. I know it's not correct, but it sounds better. In my opinion, that is.
lillyanna  3/21/2010
Where did you get that Zeus=Dios? Show me your compelling evidence and the documented history that says Zeus = Dios, because if you can't I will tell my friends in facebook that you are just misleading, but if it's the fact why do we refuse? I said documented history not HIS-STORY.

[*dio%2Fs2 -ed]
Michael Sr Tirillas  10/2/2017

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