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The use of the Late Roman given name Donata has never been limited to exclusively Italy, which was to be expected, as it is the name of a saint (and saints tend to be venerated in multiple countries). With that said, the name is (and has been) used the most in countries that speak a Romance language, which means not just Italy, but also Portugal and Spain (and their former colonies, most of which are located in Middle America and South America). As such, at least the usages of Spanish and Portuguese should be added to this name. Its masculine counterpart Donato is already listed as being Italian, Spanish and Portuguese in the main database, so there is no reason to leave the latter two excluded from the entry for Donata.

For more information about the usage of the name Donata in Spanish and Portuguese, please see:

THE PAST (mostly):
- Argentina (6.742 results):
- Brazil (1.052 results):
- Mexico (1.214 results):
- Portugal (1 result, probably because there aren't enough data for Portugal yet):
- Puerto Rico (982 results):
- Spain (1.874 results):

THE PRESENT (typically more bearers can be found on Facebook than on LinkedIn, though):
- Argentina:
- Brazil:
- Mexico:
- Portugal:
- Puerto Rico:
- Spain:

Other countries in which the name Donata is (and has been) used, are (among others):
- Belgium;
- Croatia;
- Denmark;
- Finland;
- Germany;
- Lithuania;
- Netherlands;
- Norway;
- Poland;
- Sweden.

For these, the following links might be useful to you:

- (in Dutch; shows the prevalence of the name in the Netherlands)
- (in Dutch; shows the prevalence of the name in Belgium)
- (in English; shows the prevalence of the name in Scandinavia)
- (in English; shows the prevalence of the name in Croatia)
- (in Polish)
- Poland (on FamilySearch):
- Poland (on LinkedIn):
- (in Lithuanian; also gives an idea of the prevalence of the name since 1999)
- Lithuania (on LinkedIn):
- (in German)
- Germany (on FamilySearch):
- Germany (on LinkedIn):
Lucille  2/18/2017
The usage "Late Roman" should be added to this name, because it is also the Late Latin feminine form of Donatus. In other words: the name predates the use as an Italian name. [noted -ed]
Lucille  10/7/2015
Properly pronounced:


The "O" in "Do" is, as always, said as "Oh" instead of "Uh". Next, the "A" after "N" (na) would be pronounced as the "A" in "Father". "Ta" is simple enough considering it is a soft "Tuh".

A presto. [noted -ed]
Francesca  11/29/2010
This is also the real name of Lindsay Lohan's attention-grabbing mother.
bananarama  7/31/2008
Donata is the Japanese word for "who".
― Anonymous User  1/1/2007
Donata is a female name used in Poland. It's not very common and often mistaken for Danuta, Dorota or other similar Polish names.
Donna051805  11/27/2005

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