Names Related to Doria

Names that are related to DORIA:
DITTE   f   Danish
DODIE   f   English
DOLLIE   f   English
DOLLY   f   English
DÓRA   f   Hungarian
DORA   f   English, Dutch, Spanish, Greek, Croatian, Serbian
DOREEN   f   English
DORETE   f   Danish
DORETTA   f   English
DORIA   f   English (Rare)
DORIAN   m   English, French
DORIANE   f   French
DORIANO   m   Italian
DORIJAN   m   Croatian
DORIKA   f   Hungarian
DORIN   m   Romanian
DORINA (1)   f   Romanian
DORINA (2)   f   Hungarian
DORINDA   f   English
DORINE   f   English
DORIT (2)   f   Danish
DORITA   f   English (Rare), Spanish
DOROFEI   m   Russian
DOROFEY   m   Russian
DOROTA   f   Polish, Czech, Slovak
DOROTEA   f   Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Croatian
DOROTÉIA   f   Portuguese (Brazilian)
DOROTEIA   f   Portuguese
DOROTĖJA   f   Lithuanian
DOROTEJA   f   Slovene, Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian
DOROTHEA   f   German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, English, Late Greek
DOROTHÉE   f   French
DOROTHEOS   m   Greek, Late Greek
DOROTHEUS   m   Late Roman
DOROTHY   f   English
DOROTTYA   f   Hungarian
DORTE   f   Danish
DORTHA   f   English
DÖRTHE   f   Low German
DORTHE   f   Danish
DORTHY   f   English
DORY   f   English
DOSIA   f   Polish
DOT   f   English
DOTTIE   f   English
DOTTY   f   English
FADDEI   m   Russian
FADDEY   m   Russian
FEDIR   m   Ukrainian
FEDOR   m   Russian
FEDORA   f   Russian
FEDYA   m   Russian
FEODOR   m   Russian
FEODORA   f   Russian
FYODOR   m   Russian
ISADOR   m   English (Rare)
ISADORA   f   English
ISADORE   m   English
ISET   f   Egyptian Mythology
ISIDOR   m   German, Russian, Macedonian
ISIDORA   f   Serbian, Macedonian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian (Rare), Italian (Rare), English (Rare), Ancient Greek
ISIDORE   m   English, French, Georgian, Jewish
ISIDORO   m   Spanish, Italian
ISIDOROS   m   Ancient Greek
ISIDORUS   m   Late Roman
ISIDRO   m   Spanish
ISIS   f   Egyptian Mythology (Hellenized)
ISSY   m & f   English
IZIDOR   m   Slovene
IZIDÓRA   f   Hungarian
IZYDOR   m   Polish
IZZY   m & f   English
TAD   m   English
TADAS   m   Lithuanian
TADDEO   m   Italian
TADEÁŠ   m   Czech, Slovak
TADEJ   m   Slovene
TADEO   m   Spanish
TADEU   m   Portuguese
TADEUSZ   m   Polish
TADIJA   m   Croatian
TEA   f   Croatian, Slovene, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish
TED   m   English
TEDDY   m   English
TEDORE   m   Georgian
TEIJA   f   Finnish
TEJA   f   Slovene
TÉO   m   Portuguese
TEO   m   Italian, Spanish, Croatian
TEODOR   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Slovene, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Macedonian
TEODÓRA   f   Hungarian
TEODORA   f   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian
TEODORO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
TEODORS   m   Latvian
TEUVO   m   Finnish
TEWODROS   m   Eastern African, Amharic
THAD   m   English
THADDAEUS   m   Biblical
THADDAIOS   m   Biblical Greek
THADDEUS   m   English, Biblical, Biblical Latin
THEA   f   German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, English
THEDA   f   German
THEI   m   Limburgish
THEIRN   m   French
THÉO   m   French
THEO   m   English, Dutch
THEODOOR   m   Dutch
THEODOR   m   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Czech, Romanian
THEODORA   f   English, Greek, Ancient Greek
THÉODORE   m   French
THEODORE   m   English
THEODOROS   m   Greek, Ancient Greek
THEODORUS   m   Ancient Greek (Latinized), Dutch
TIIA   f   Finnish
TIVADAR   m   Hungarian
TÓDOR   m   Hungarian
TODOR   m   Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian
TODORKA   f   Bulgarian, Macedonian
TOŠE   m   Macedonian
TOSHE   m   Macedonian
TUDOR (2)   m   Romanian
URTĖ   f   Lithuanian