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This is a Greek name by origin. The Dorians were a nomadic tribe that sacked Athens and later settled in Sparta. The name means something along the lines of "from the sea". It is also the name of a musical mode that is rooted in Greek music. It is a Greek name not an English one.
dorian06  10/31/2005
It IS English, because while it's origins are Greek, it's not a real Greek name. Oscar Wilde created it, deriving it from a Greek word, so it's an English coinage.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2007
My research found this name to be from the tribe the Dorians, who existed around the time of the Ionians, which means from the sea. The name means "Golden" or of Gold in Greek. The Dorians where a warring Greek tribe that conquered a region that spanned as far west as France from modern day Greece.
shinerbok  12/6/2005
I found on another site that Dorian wasn't entered, but a similar name - Doran, I believe - was, and it meant "stranger". I think that's something close to what this means - another similar name means "wanderer". The name is very close personally to Oscar Wilde, who invented it, and I think it is meant to mean that. Dorian is a very ambiguous character in the book. His last name, "Gray", suggests as much also.
nouvellehelene  12/19/2005
I believe this name is Greek meaning "A Gift".
― Anonymous User  6/27/2007
It's a variant of Doran. The variation apparently arose in the County Donegal area of Ireland. There's records of people having the name long before Oscar Wilde's novel, though, most of them have it as a surname, not as a personal name.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2008
Also, because both names (Dorian and Doran) are Irish, it's almost certain that Oscar Wilde had encountered people with the name/surname "Dorian", seeing as he, himself, was Irish. There's a chance he was the first person to use Dorian as a personal name, but he did not make it up, and it is not Greek. You can read the meaning behind "Doran" on this very site.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2008
Dorian means "gift from the sea".
AlohaKeori  10/4/2009
Is there evidence that Wilde took this name from the Greek? Because it seems more likely that he took it from the Irish Doran. He was Irish, Dorian is a known variant of the surname Doran, and the meaning fits the character well. [noted -ed]
earthnut  5/14/2016
Dorian is also an unrelated French name, from D'Orion, a surname meaning a person from Orion. There seems to be 3 separate names here.
earthnut  5/14/2016
The Dorian mode (a scale which is basically all the white notes beginning on D) in music is the only scale whose inversion is the exact same; like a mirror image. The natural symmetry within the Dorian mode may have been used by Oscar Wilde to foreshadow the reflections between the Picture and Dorian, and also the mirror he puts beside the Picture. I was very excited when I saw this link!
Lordcardinal  7/18/2016

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