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Your Greek translation and spelling of DORIS is wrong in that 2 letters are wrong. I am a graduate in Classic Languages specialising in both Latin and Ancient Greek the modern Greek letters vary only slightly however this does not excuse the error. In ancient Greek the letter "O" has two sounds a hard short "o" as in "Bottle" represented by the letter omicron which is an "o" same as English it is the letter following the sequence MEW NEW XEE before PYE ROE SIGMA you spelled Doris with an omega this is the long soft as in "Bow" sounding variant of the letter "o" it is the last letter of the ancient Greek Alphabet and is similar to a lower case "w" in English. Finally the final letter of Doris is sigma this letter you have used is neither of the formal styles for sigma in Ancient Greek if an "s" is required in a word anywhere other than the last letter it is similar to an "0" but with a little tail on the top right hand side of the "o" like an upside down "Q" if a sigma is the last letter it is virtually same as the English "s" the only subtle difference is that the bottom tail is longer than a standard "s" and drops beneath the normal letter line.
[Ancient Greek Doris is spelled with omega -ed]
iain not ian 1958  1/20/2014
Ultimately comes from Doros, legendary ancestor of the Dorians, whose name is related to doro/δώρο (gift).
arrowhead909  4/30/2012
Doris is the Greek goddess of the sea's bounty.
tessareea1  7/1/2010
I'm pretty sure Doris was a sea nymph, not a goddess. [noted -ed]
Swallowtail  9/27/2007
I always thought that Doris meant the "same as Gold." D'or meaning gold, -is being the ending that means the same as or similar.
JMichael  10/20/2006

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