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Draga, meaning 'dear' is also a Romanian name. Similar to "Dracula" which means 'dragon'.
countdraga  6/14/2005
Drag-uh, is the Americanized pronunciation. If it would be pronounced correctly the R would be rolled and the first a would be prounced 'ah'.
countdraga  6/14/2005
The "drag" prefix will get him no end of transvestite ribbings and "Draga's a drag" is inevitable too!
leananshae  12/10/2007
I live in Australia and know numerous Dragan's and Dragana's and none and I mean none of them have ever been teased with the Dragan(a)'s a drag statement. Dragan has been called a dragon a few times but that's it.
Anonymous user  1/17/2012
The word for/very close to the word for "dear" or "precious" in many Slavic languages, as well as Hungarian (where it's drága).
foxgloves  10/20/2017

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