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This is my father's name and he loves it. Friends frequently call him Dragane, and even Draganche. I love his name too, both the sound of it and its meaning. And also it's short and easy to spell.
Stasiya  10/6/2015
Phonetically, at least for English speakers, I'm pretty sure that this is pronounced DRAY-ghen, rhymes with Reagan. So it doesn't really sound like Drag or Dragon at all, only in the spelling.
― Anonymous User  1/23/2012
I'm strangely attracted to this name but it's just so close to the word Dragon for me to consider using it. :(
― Anonymous User  1/12/2011
For all the people who think that it's pronounced like dragon: correct pronunciation is DRAH-gahn, not DRAY-gawn!
enchy  8/4/2009
Sounds too much like "dragon" and looks a bit ugly.
-Julia-  7/26/2009
This is my dad's name and I love the name and all its variants (Drago, Dražen, Draženko, Draženka(f), Dragana(f)). It is pronounced drah-gahn.
enchy  7/10/2009
Unfortunately, it sounds like "dragon", and it reminds me of a person that behaves like one.
bananarama  4/4/2009
Dragan is fictional character from the TV series "Dobrá čtvrť". He is played by Predrag Bjelać.
Emilie007  6/4/2008
Cool name, but too much like Dragon for use in English-speaking countries.
Katheros  12/31/2007
The "drag" prefix will get him no end of transvestite ribbings and "Dragan's a drag" is inevitable too!
leananshae  12/10/2007
I think that Dragan is a very strong name it suits a strong minded male who is capable of great things. He is loving and caring. He is friendly to all and has many whom look up to him.
Mariajane  3/5/2007
It means precious, but even more it means "Darling, Dear, Loving, Lovely". It is how you refer to your special someone. :)
Dache  2/12/2007
It's also used in Bulgaria.
[noted -ed]
Ivayla  10/19/2006
I like it. The meaning is very nice, it sounds good and it isn't commonly used.
ml1muse  10/15/2006
I really love this name. I would use it for my son.
curious  3/25/2006
Also the equivalent of Jordan in Serbia.
tomasocarthaigh  2/23/2006

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