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Drogo (872-873) was the son of Holy Roman Emperor Charles II ("the Bald") and his second wife Richildis.
CarolinW  7/22/2012
I prefer the Drago DRAH-go spelling. This one looks wrong.
enchy  9/12/2009
There was a saint named Drogo. Born of Flemish nobility, his mother died giving birth to him, a fact that emotionally crushed him when he learned of it because he thought it made him responsible for her death. After learning it, he practiced extreme penances, probably because of the guilt he felt. He was orphaned when he was a teenager, and became a pilgrim at the age of 18. He was supposedly able to be in two places at once (people reportedly saw him simutaneously working in the fields and at Mass; I don't know how this is possible). He was stricken with an unsightly bodily affliction during a pilgrimage and became so terribly deformed that he frightened people. They built him a cell attatched to the church, which he stayed in with no human contact except through a small window. He is the patron saint of cattle, sheep, bodily illnesses, mute people, orphans, unattractive people and mental illness. The assosiation of Saint Drogo to me is a positive one, because he was a saint (I think saints are cool), had an interesting life, and is the patron saint of things I find interesting.
Pippin  4/6/2008
Having only known this name from Lord of the Rings (and knowing how most of Tolkien's names are made-up and not used as real names), I was surprised to find out that Drogo is a real name. I like it. It sounds like a warrior (despite the fact that Drogo wasn't a warrior in Lord of the Rings). This is one of those few names from Lord of the Rings that I could try to get away with using.
Pippin  3/20/2008
I quite love this name, however uncommon. It's very nice, in pronunciation, and the meaning is unique.
emmyeternity  3/3/2008
Found in George R. R. Martin's popular book series, "A Song of Ice and Fire". Drogo is the name of a great leader of the Dothraki, the horse-riding people of the west.
melonthegreen  12/5/2005
Drogo is the name of Frodo Baggins's father in Tolkien's trilogy The Lord of the Rings.
Sedalyn  5/18/2005

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