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I really really like this name. Especially spelt this way. Drystan is strong but sensitive - a perfect name. A name I would definitely consider.
rainbow_Maya  1/6/2007
I personally think it's a girl's name. I'd spell it Dristan, too.
stormy_lovegood  2/18/2007
A knight of the Round Table in Arthurian Legend, who seems to be best remembered of the lover of Esyllt (Tristan and Iseult).
CassBlack  7/23/2007
I really love this name, but it may have something to do with me being Welsh!
CassBlack  7/23/2007
My son is called Drystan. His father is Welsh and his sister is half Welsh -unusual name and different.
Jadie  11/8/2017

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