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In Croatia, Duda is common diminutive, or abbreviated form of the name Dubravka. Same stands for Dudo->Dubravko.
gorgona  10/21/2012
I'm Brazilian and I think the usage of this name might be a little diferent. "Duda", here and in Portugal, is a diminutive form of "Eduarda". Most of the names which end in A are feminine, in Portuguese, and it goes for the diminutives too.
Philidel  8/31/2013
In Brazil, Duda is also used as diminutive form of Eduarda. [noted -ed]
anacharlie  8/18/2015
Duda is a nickname for Eduarda not Eduardo. Duda is feminine.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2016
In Portugal this short form is used on both genders. Plenty of Portuguese male nicknames/diminutives end in -a (Duda, Zeca, Guga, Joca, Lula, Cacá, Mica...)
SugarPlumFairy  11/7/2016

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