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Dulcie means sweet, and I think it's TOO sweet.
-- Anonymous User  5/23/2006
Related to the word "dulce" which means either sweet or candy in Spanish.
-- SSF  1/14/2007
Dulcie was a character in the book Defining Dulcie.
-- Anonymous User  1/28/2007
Dulcie sounds like "dull", and I imagine a girl with this name as being quite dull.
-- TayLeigh127  8/15/2008
The name Dulcie is rather childish.
-- Anonymous User  12/7/2008
Australian pianist and composer Dulcie Holland (1913-2000). There was also an Australian composer called Dulcie Cohen, whose father was a rabbi in Sydney. I'm not sure whether those two Dulcies are in fact one and the same.
-- Jonquil  1/4/2009
Dulcie Boling, editor of the Australian women's magazine "New Idea".
-- Jonquil  4/27/2009
I love the name Dulcie, don't know why as I normally hate girly names. I think it is sweet and elegent - only ever met one Dulcie and she was beautiful.
-- Anonymous User  1/22/2016
Ali Larter played a character called Dulcie in the film "Drive Me Crazy."
-- sambchop  12/22/2016

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