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I'm not even a fan of Di, short form of Diana. But this is literally the English word for changing the color of something: hair dye, tie-dye, etc. And if you call someone this (even for Diana), it sounds like you're telling them to go die. Just my opinion.
erb816  9/1/2009
I don't like this name. It sounds like the word for changing an object's color, and it looks too close to "die". It sounds like a nickname for Diana, not Dionisia. Besides, Dionisia isn't even an English name.
bananarama  10/7/2009
Who the hell would name their child 'Die?' different spelling, same pronunciation.

You may as well hate your own child if you give them this 'name'.
ThatMazerunnerfan  9/6/2014
Was also used on males as a short form of the masculine version of the full name.
earthnut  6/8/2016

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