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The name Elodie was given to 185 girls born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  2/28/2018
My name is Odile and I named my daughter Elodie because all the letters in Elodie are in ODILE while they are different. I speak fluent French and the pronunciation is just beautiful, if you don't know any French you may find it distasteful. I never met someone so compassionate, loving, caring, forgiving, smart, joyful, pure, just so beautifully made inside and out. If naming your daughter Elodie can bring such personality to a human being, just go for it.
kamuke  1/4/2018
Élodie Chérie is the stage name of a French former pornographic actress and model. Born in Saint-Étienne, in 1996 Chérie received the Hot d'Or for best supporting actress for her performance in La Princesse et la pute. Outside her career in the adult industry, she was spokesperson of "Magics Fans", the association of supporters of AS Saint-Étienne.
cutenose  7/31/2017
Élodie Gossuin is a French beauty pageant titleholder, model, radio and television presenter, columnist and regional politician. She was elected Miss Picardy 2000, Miss France 2001, and Miss Europe 2001.
lilolaf  3/2/2017
Given Name ELODIE

GENDER: Feminine

USAGE: English (Rare)


OTHER FORMS: Élodie, Lodie, Alodia, Elodia

CONTRIBUTOR: doomburger on 5/20/2012

LAST EDITOR: doomburger on 6/22/2014 [revision history]

Meaning & History

Latinization of French Élodie.
LMS  1/14/2017
Very musical sounding and just overall has a nice meaning. It could serve as an alternative to Melody and have better nicknames such as Elle and Ellie. It's an idea. Honestly the name is perfectly normal outside of the states. I once told my friend that I want to use this name and she said children would be like "What's an Elodie?" I get her point but at the same time I don't think it's fair that people have to compromise on what they name their kids, especially since it's not that bad of a name to understand.
QuinnBethany  10/2/2016
The name Elodie was given to 215 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/16/2016
I named my baby girl Elodie, mid 2015. We pronounce it rather southern North American: ella-dee. Since folks do a second-take when I tell them her name, I've started introducing her with "Melody without the 'm'." Her nicknames include "Elle", "Ella-delly-doo", "Ellie-belly", and "Elle-belle."
― Anonymous User  3/29/2016
I really do like this name and I first heard it in Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins.
Maeve N. E.  10/17/2015
I knew a French girl with this name and she was adorable! It was pronounced Ay-low-dee.
― Anonymous User  9/8/2015
Flowy, musical, & light. Lends itself to cute nicknames like Elle, Ellie, & Ella. I say it more like EL-la-die with my semi-southern accent.
sayseptember  12/22/2013
It's a beautiful name, I just wish it was more classic. The name Élodie really only came into common use in the 80's, and it was very popular for about 15 years but has since become slightly less common.
bonjour_mon_joli  8/25/2013
The name Elodie was given to 149 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/17/2013
I seem to have forgotten this addition to my previous post...

Has no one noticed the 'initial' factor that comes into play when "Élodie" is pronounced (particularly in English-speaking countries)? It resembles a seeming tacky elaboration of a person's initials-- L.O.D., which would equal Elizabeth Ophelia Nethers, for explanations sake.
Francesca  2/8/2012
I know someone Elodie, and she has been called L.O.D.

(It's pronounced E-lə-dee.)
― Anonymous User  6/8/2012
I'm surprised to see the positive responses to this name. I don't mean to be mean but I dislike this name. The way its pronounced- the syllables- are too disconnected. Also it reminds me of Melody so it makes the name seem incomplete when you pronounce it. Melody is better for sure. I met someone named Elody (I think that's the spelling). Ew. I agree with the comment above about it sounding like L.O.D. not cute..
― Anonymous User  9/10/2013
Personally, I feel that "Élodie" is a bit out-of-place when not restricted to France; it runs a high risk of taking the appearance of a pompous 'kre8tiv' version of "Melody" (which itself, admittedly, is it's own atrocity.)

That being said... I suppose that I shall be the minority and state my distaste for it to both the eye and ear-- it lacks the flow, subtle beauty, professionalism, and intelligence that is needed to balance the undeniable frilly nature of it.
Francesca  2/2/2012
I like it, it's French.
GibsonGirl  10/28/2011
I think this a great name. It could belong to a princess.
Joy12  4/20/2011
Great classic French name. :-)
walesgal92  2/5/2011
This is actually quite a beautiful name, as long as it's pronounced el-uh-dee. But I don't like it pronounced ay-loh-dee.
Chrila96  11/20/2010
So beautiful, I could imagine it on a little girl, or on a teenager, or a beautiful woman. I love it. I'm putting it on my PNL!
italiannames  11/11/2009
Wow, SO beautiful! It puts me in mind of a beautiful, pure-minded French maiden. I can't imagine an unkind person called Elodie! I've also seen this spelt "Elody", which I think takes away some of its charm. But I still love the name!
Sophannagh  12/12/2008
This name should be pronounced AY-lo-dee or ELL-lo-dee, not ay-lo-DEE. The accent is on the E so the emphasis is on the first syllable of the name.
Lily8  8/1/2008
To the above comment, that is how accents work in, for example, Spanish. However, in French the accent aigu (this one) on the first letter of the name has nothing to do with stressed syllables: it means the "e" is pronounced similar to how you would say the letter "a", a long "a" sound. The pronunciation listed is perfectly correct.
ponine  8/23/2008
Oops yeah I'm sorry :/ I speak both French and Spanish and I think I got confused. Yeah in French the é makes a long E-sound as in "ay" or "eeeeh" and the è makes a short E-sound as eh. I don't know why I mixed it up. The weird thing is that 2 French girls I know definitely pronounce it with the accent on the first syllable. But maybe they changed the pronunciation when they moved here.
Lily8  8/25/2008
Yay, my name! My mom lived in France for awhile, so that's how I was named. I hate it when people call me 'E-LOW-DEE' so annoying. But I do like my name, even though it gets embarrassing when people pronounce it wrong.
strawberriesaregood  5/11/2008
It sounds so pretty and musical.
Pippin  4/5/2008
In the Shadow Children series by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Elodie is the real name of undercover third child Nina Idi.
Luanna  1/29/2008
A Frenchwoman with a daughter named Elodie told me her name was pronounced like Melody, but without the M. I think it sounds nicer as EL-o-dee.
Skittsie13  12/8/2007
Quite honestly, I like it better without the accent and pronounced EL-o-dee. (how I first heard it) But this is nice too.
― Anonymous User  8/31/2007
In the books Cousins and Second Cousins, Elodie is a nickname for ELoise ODIE. Elodie.
― Anonymous User  6/14/2007
Elodie is such a pretty, girly name. It is probably one of my favourite French girl's name ever.
FirChlis  1/29/2007
Very pretty. I love French girl's names.
Mommy2B  10/23/2006
A famous bearer is French actress Elodie Navarre.
dollrock  10/17/2006
*Such* a beautiful name - playful, yet sophisticated. I ~LOVE~ it!
nelirosala  6/22/2006
So graceful and lyrical - I LOVE this name!
tmarie  12/10/2005

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