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The stress is on the first syllable which is pronounced like "ale." The next syllable is pronounced just like the English "is." The last syllable is short, sounding like "sed". ALE-is-sed.

I was provided this information by a native Manx expert in Manx Gaelic.
owen  5/12/2007
I can hear the American public school teacher saying, "Ok, ee-la-sed, your turn to read." Sorry. Fact is, if you want people in the US to call your child Ailasajh, you'll just have to spell it like that (or something similar).
leananshae  12/23/2007
Or you could simply tell the teacher how to pronounce your child's name. Sort of simple fix there. These days most people have to do that regardless. It's not a big deal. And once the children are capable of pronouncing their own names, more often than not, they are the first to tell the teachers anyway.
allisoncope  1/20/2017

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