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Famous bearer is actress Eartha Kitt.
Arowen Half-Elven  12/21/2005
The birth and death date for Eartha Kitt should be edited, because she died on Christmas Day in 2008. [noted -ed]
bibi66  3/2/2009
It's just so over the top! Feminism is good, but that's just stupid! It made me laugh so hard. :-D
I would never had thought, that anyone actually uses it.
rainbow_Maya  2/24/2006
I like this name, though I don't quite know why.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2006
I like it for some reason. No one I know has this name and hopefully I will meet someone with this name. But I wouldn't name my daughter this.
alexyasha  3/3/2007
Maybe a second name instead of a first name?
Luangi  4/10/2007
Sounds too much like Bertha for me. I don't like the name Bertha. If you want to honor the Earth, consider going with Gaia or Terra. They're prettier and less obvious.
leananshae  12/23/2007
It sounds like a hippie name, and it doesn't have a very appealing sound.
slight night shiver  4/22/2008
No offense to Eartha Kitt, but it sounds too close to Bertha to be used nowadays.
bananarama  10/9/2008
I'm totally in love with this name. It always reminds me of Eartha Kitt, whom I don't know much about, but luckily I haven't heard anything negative about her.
Ouaie  11/21/2008
I love this name, it's very pretty and much better then Erica.
XironDarkstar  11/26/2017

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