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American poet Eavan Boland is a famous bearer of this name.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2006
My best friend's name is Eavan and she hates it because everyone always thinks she is a boy before they meet her. So she nicknamed herself "Eabie" which is cute, but now people think she is named "Annie" instead which halso makes her mad. Haha.
Chloever33  8/12/2007
I've loved this name since I studied Eavan Boland, an Irish poet, for my Leaving Certificate English. The first poet whose work I could actually understand (I hated poetry)!
NiamhMarion  2/24/2008
Eavan Boland is a famous modern Irish poet.
bohchan  3/12/2009
Sorry, but to me, Eavan reminds me of "even".
erb816  5/31/2009

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