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I hardly see Ebba as an "immature, silly little name". It's a sweet name, and a nice alternative to the overdone [in some places] Emma.

Ebba is a gorgeous name.
alicehartley4884  9/28/2010
I had heard of a Swedish singer named Ebba, but I didn't think people would use this highly youthful, immature, silly little name on their poor daughters in Sweden as frequently as they apparently do. It's like Emma pronounced when having a flu and a throat inflammation.
slight night shiver  5/22/2008
I think that what SLIGHT NIGHT SHIVER'S comment was tying to say was, "having a stuffy nose and saying EMMA will come out sounding like EBBA", rather than having flu and a throat inflammation. I might even hazard to guess, anyone with that much animosity towards a mere name, was either dating, married to, or had an unrequited love issue with a woman of that name.
astral_lass  3/22/2015
Exactly how is Emma any less "youthful" and "silly" than Ebba? The only difference is the consonant - and the fact that you're not used to Ebba so of course, in your ignorance, you immediately dismiss it. We have both Emma and Ebba in Sweden, and although Ebba is popular nowadays - Emma is so completely tired, boring and worn out by now that I actually feel much sorrier for them than I do the Ebbas which, if pronounced correctly is a very sweet but at the same time, very mature name. I have always loved it.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2009

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