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This name is pronounced ed-en in Hebrew in Hebrew.
-- Miss Claire  12/5/2004
The Garden of Eden is located in what used to be Babylon, now Iraq.
-- Tbird  9/17/2005
The garden of Eden is a legend, it isn't actually located anywhere.
-- Anonymous User  5/27/2007
I have heard that "Eden" means "delight" in Hebrew. I don't know if this information is valid though. It is my daughter's name and she is truly a delight.
-- laurawinkler  12/30/2005
My daughter is named Eden but we always receive the comment "for a GIRL?!" when we tell people her name. It makes sense to me that it is feminine, but I know of MANY little boys with this name. It sould be listed also as a possible masculine name because of it growing popularity among boys. (But to me it just sounds girlish, especially if you associate it with the garden of Eden). Sorry boys.
-- laurawinkler  12/30/2005
I love the name Eden and think it is a much better name for a girl.
-- Anonymous User  4/25/2006
I like the spelling with an i: Edin.
-- Anonymous User  4/27/2006
It also means "gentle", from the Hebrew word "adin" which is spelled the same way in Hebrew (ayn, dalet, nun).
-- ima062002  5/18/2006
Eden is also a type of rose. It's patel blend pink, cream, it was introduced in 1962.
-- Anonymous User  5/26/2006
Personally I adore this name because of the sound (ee-den for me), but I usually picture it on a little boy. Then again I've never really met many females, seniors or older people with the name.
-- Anonymous User  6/4/2006
I knew a girl named Terra Eden which was an interesting combination that I liked. I wouldn't use it as a first name though. It seems so seductive.
-- Anonymous User  6/13/2006
Myself I see this name as feminine, maybe because I know of a baby girl named Eden. This is a beautiful name.
-- Anonymous User  7/14/2006
I have a friend who pronounces her name ed-in (like Ed in Edward).
-- Anonymous User  9/8/2006
The name "Eden" is definitely of masculine, as well as feminine usage, and it's not a very new trend - I personally know two 25 year-old guys named Eden.
-- dodobird  9/17/2006
This is my name (I'm a female), and I've never met another Eden in my life! I have, however, heard of other Edens, all of which are females.
-- Anonymous User  9/27/2006
There is a character named Eden in the television series Heroes.
-- jmacsgurl1991  12/30/2006
I think Eden is a beautiful name for a girl. I've never heard of a boy being called Eden until now. Personally, I think it's more feminine.
-- Anonymous User  3/18/2007
'Desperate Housewives' actress Marcia Cross recently gave birth to twin girls, one of them is called Eden, the other Savannah.
-- tallie  4/20/2007
I love this name. It's my future daughter's name. It's so unique. I love it! =]
-- xA7Xgrl13x  8/28/2007
I've heard this name for a boy too.
-- mum2bubba  9/7/2007
The name Eden is really pretty but I see this as a girls name, I've never even heard of a boy being called Eden. But I would pronounce it "ee-den" rather than "ed-in" just because that doesn't sound right to me.
-- Anonymous User  10/3/2007
Definitely a girl's name! I think it sounds feminine. For some reason, this is my #1 favorite name! (for now) Eden (Ee-dehn), it's simply Beautiful! I also enjoy it because I don't hear the name, I know no-one by this name. Not like many overused names out there today. Biblical times: Adam & Eve ate out of the garden of Eden. It's classy sounding and sounds like a very pretty name for a pretty girl! I think "E" names are pretty anyhow, Elegant!
-- Anonymous User  10/3/2007
This is such a beautiful name, so it's one of my favorite names if I have a daughter some day. Though I think I may not use it as a firstname, probably as the middle name.
-- metope  11/11/2007
I vote "girl" as well. If the name is so closely associated with paradise, I think it fits a girl/woman better than a boy/man. It would be like naming your son Heaven or Garden -- not too masculine by my sense of it. Hey, and anyway, the guys have lots of "ed" names to choose from and the girls are left with names like "Edwina", which is archaic and not very feminine, or "Edina", which is pretty but has been destroyed by the horrendous Ab Fab character by that name.
-- leananshae  12/23/2007
It's a beautiful word, no doubt. But as a name, I think it's a bit tacky.
-- FMRadio  3/9/2008
It's quite tacky, and it still reminds me of a former host on MTV Europe from back in the 90s. She was arrogant and annoying towards the latter years of her career on the channel.
-- slight night shiver  4/22/2008
I think this is a nice name, but I wouldn't name my daughter this though. I've also seen it spelt Edyn.
-- caity-bear915  5/10/2008
I think Eden is a girls name, I can't imagine it as a boys. This is my name and it is not tacky even though it is uncommon it is getting popular as the years go on. I have had lots of comments about my name most people like it because it is original.
-- Anonymous User  6/11/2008
I love this name for a girl, it seems really mysterious and exotic to me for some reason. I'm using it as the name of one of my characters in the novel I'm writing.
-- amethyst_pianist17  6/12/2008
I really dislike this name, it just seems soooooo tacky. I put this into the same catagory as the names Heaven and Heaven spelled backwards. It is just very trynderiffic. I dislike the meaning too - place of pleasure? Uh, kind of gross! Edie is adorable, just use the lovely Edith!
-- Chanel  7/11/2008
This is a really pretty name. I find it only suitable for girls. It just sounds so weird on a boy.
-- number1212  8/26/2008
This is the name of one of my cousins and I don't think it's tacky at all. Her parents named her this because they liked it and they wanted a Biblical name that (I think) wasn't as common as say Sarah or Rachel. And she pronounces it "ee-den." I also think that it's a lovely name and should be used for a girl rather than a boy.
-- katydid09  10/4/2008
On the hit T.V show Heroes, there is a woman named Eden McCain. Her power is the power of suggestion.
-- kateab1115  11/9/2008
This name has grown on me a fair bit lately. I love it. :)
-- hayleyskye  11/27/2008
The Hebrew way to pronounce this name is "ED-en" not "EE-den".
-- Reina Vered  1/2/2009
This name became quite popular in the 80's due a character on Santa Barbara named Eden Channing.

I have also known a boy named Eden, but then again, the girls in his family were Logan and Jordan, so I guess their family didn't care about gender for their names.
-- wbbuff  2/20/2009
I hate this name. It's too popular. It's supposed to be a PLACE, not a name.
-- bananarama  3/18/2009
Sounds nice, but otherwise tacky.
-- Kerules  4/5/2009
Eden Maru is a character in Extras, by Scott Westerfield.
-- Likeyeahwhatev  4/18/2009
A famous bearer is American stage actress Eden Espinosa (born February 2, 1978). She has performed in a number of stage productions, most notably the role of Elphaba in numerous productions of the musical "Wicked" on Broadway, in the first national touring production, in Los Angeles, and on the television series "Ugly Betty", in addition to understudying the role of Nessarose in the Broadway production. Her other notable roles have included the title character in the musical "Brooklyn" and Maureen in the closing Broadway cast of "RENT".
-- AndrewJKD  7/11/2009
I like the biblical association, and the sound of the name is pretty, but honestly, the meaning of the name, "place of pleasure" makes me think of a strip club, and a cheap one at that.
-- magicalhannah7  8/27/2009
This name is beautiful for a girl! The meaning is beautiful and makes me think of a pleasant person with the name. In no way does it make me think of a strip club. Get your mind out of the gutter, please!
-- Anonymous User  10/18/2009
This name is simple and sweet-sounding. However, its Biblical implications might not go well with some people.
-- Athena Nike  3/8/2010
This was a male family name on my mother's side for many generations, going back to the late 1700s. Not sure where it came from, but many men in the family bore it, either as a first name or as a middle name. Not entirely sure how they pronounced it but we assume it was ee-den, though the known nickname of one barer was Ed.
-- ladyoflaurelandash  12/1/2010
I always think of a snobby, spoiled brat when I think of this name. It's really tacky.
-- Dawson  12/21/2010
The Hebrew term may derive from the Sumerian "EDIN", which means "steppe, plain, desert, wilderness". The Sumerians used the term to refer to lands west of the Euphrates.

Another theory is that it comes from a Semitic root word meaning "abundant, lush".
-- keepitreal  1/23/2011
There is a town in Australia called Eden, located on the south coast of New South Wales.
-- keepitreal  1/23/2011
My name is Eden! Not sure why, but I've never really loved it... it's starting to grow on me a bit, which is good.
-- CedarDream  4/10/2011
Oh no! It's pretty but look at the meaning. Would you really want your daughter to be a place of pleasure? I guess if you're a stripper, it will work.
-- lol_cool  6/27/2011
Regardless of its origins as a male name, this name is popular in Israel and the USA as a girl's name. I won't care what people who associate "pleasure" with strip clubs think! Deep as a puddle! My husband and I (Israeli and American, respectively) named our daughter this. We pronounce it the American way (EE-den, although many people in our region say EED-n which I don't like but I get over it). We liked Eden because it's familiar but not too common. And when we finally had a daughter after having several sons, we were delighted and it felt heavenly. This is another, deeper reason why we loved a name that meant paradise or delight.

Some people associate "Eden" with all of the new Aiden, Jayden, Brayden names which is why they automatically think "boy", even not knowing the origins of it. Arabs we know seem to not like the name on a girl since Aden (Eden) is a city in Yemen, and it's a masculine name in Arabic. Technically it is in Hebrew too, but it's popular usage is now mostly feminine, much like the name Ashley morphed from masculine to feminine.
-- LLichten  9/19/2013
Eden is a beautiful name! 'Place of pleasure' isn't a sexual comment and if you see it that way, well, that is in the eye of the beholder! Eden conjures up an image of flowers and lush life, of innocence and calm but also strength and fierceness... It is sweet but strong too. If anyone sees this name sexually then they might want to go back to the drawing boards as 'pleasure' means more than sexual gratification and maybe it is time they found a dictionary and/or thesaurus! Love this name, so classy :)
-- siestasparkle  7/6/2011
With all due respect, everyone who has posted that Eden is mostly a "feminine" name and that they like it better for a girl than a boy is TERRIBLY AND ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Whoever has named a girl Eden or themselves being female are named EDEN MUST realize that they are using the name contrary to the proper gender which it is intended for in Hebrew. I am appalled to see so many comments that associate this name more with a girl. Those people are oblivious and in total ignorance. Had they done your due diligence you would know that: #1- EDEN is a Hebrew name taken from the scriptures. #2 Look therefore how it is used in the Hebrew scriptures: 1. A region in which a gardenlike park was planted as the original home of the first human pair.
2. One of the LEVITES (Note it's referring to a M-A-L-E) who responded to King Hezekiah’s call for reform; 2Chronicles 29:12; 31:14, 15.
2. A place listed along with Haran and Canneh as a main trading center with Tyre.(Eze 27:23, 24)
Regardless of whether or not you believe in the Bible, referring to where the name originates and HOW it is used should help dispel the ignorant idea that it is mainly a GIRLS name.
The name Eden occurs three times in the Bible. The first and most famous Eden is the location of the paradisiac garden in which Adam and Eve lived their pre-fall existence (Genesis 2:8). The garden of Eden is marked by four rivers: Pishon, Gihon, Haddakel and Parat (Genesis 2:13-14).
The second Eden is either a person or a region probably somewhere in Mesopotamia. Isaiah speaks of 'sons of Eden who were in Telassar' (37:12). Sometimes the word "son" is used for inhabitants (sons of Jerusalem = inhabitants of Jerusalem) but since Telassar is already a location, Eden is probably their human ancestor. The third Eden is a Levite in the days of king Hezekiah (2 Chronicles 29:12).
-- Anonymous User  10/28/2011
I love this name for a boy. Not so much for a girl.
-- PaperPlague  2/22/2012
Eden Sonja Jane Riegel (born 1981 in Washington, D.C.) is an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  8/11/2012
Eden Rebecca Sher (born 1991 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress.
-- Anonymous User  8/11/2012
I think this is a beautiful name. I find it funny that people get so worked up about a name. If you don't like the name, fine, but why make disrespectful comments when you don't know the person.
Get a life and try to be more passionate about more constructive issues.
-- Anonymous User  10/16/2012
Eden is a great name! I love the name Eden! It's common, but I love it. Personal Fave! The Garden of Eden was not a legend, it was real. Also, I can't imagine a boy named Eden.
-- SEC908  10/29/2012
Pronounced: EE-den
Or EE-dn.
-- SEC908  10/29/2012
I really love this name, and I'm definitely considering it for the future! I think the image of the garden is really pretty, so I definitely like it on a girl much better. I think it's far more feminine than it is masculine. I know that there is a male Eden in scripture, but I feel like most people wouldn't know this, as he wasn't a prominent character, and the garden is something that comes to mind before that. Also, Eden means 'delight,' and so I think the meaning could go for both genders. I think it's more feminine.
-- leila26  11/10/2012
Eden is a beautiful name. It is also a garden, the garden of Eden. The garden of Eden is unique so the name is too!
-- Melys11  1/1/2013
I quite like the name Eden, especially on a boy. Eden is most definitely a unisex name, just more commonly used for girls.
On the American SSA list, Eden is currently #833 for boys. It shares sounds with other popular favourites such as Ethan, Dean, Evan.

I adore the name Eden prn Eh-den on a boy, and think something like Eden Nathaniel would be dashing.

However, a boy named Eden would definitely be mistaken for a girl on paper, and may face some teasing in elementary schools.
-- damsel  1/8/2013
It's also a Hebrew and Biblical name and popular in Israel (#43 for girls, #237 for boys), pronounced as ed-in in Hebrew and other languages.

This is the most similar pronunciation to what I'm thinking of (See Croatian male). [noted -ed]
-- Anonymous User  1/12/2013
When selecting a name for my daughter, I was looking for a name relating to the Bible. When the nurse first introduced me to my child, I remember thinking how beautiful I thought she was. I remembered that the Garden of Eden was suppose to be a beautiful place. When I searched the meaning of Eden, I saw the word Paradise. I knew then that Eden would be my daughter's name. I was looking for a simply unique name from the Bible. I knew Eden was a place, but I liked that aspect also. The name Eden wasn't typical, but it was fairly familiar to all who heard it spoken aloud. I didn't personally know any other person with this name, so for me, she would't be an Ashley R. / Ashley M. Child at school. Eden (E-den) is a perfect name for my DAUGHTER. She LOVES the fact that I put so much thought into her name. She loves her name. She's the only Eden at her school. She's the only Eden she knows. She could care less that a man may have carried it first. Eden = a PARADISE on earth; State of innocence; Delight and pleasure! I did good!
-- treerey  9/1/2013
In Spanish this is normally a boy's name and it's pronounced EH-DENN. It doesn't sound girly to me at all. This name, along with others (for instance Alexis, Ariel & Rene) that are used in the United States for a girl but in Spanish speaking countries these are names for males.

I personally prefer Eden as a middle name with a longer first name such as Roberto Eden, Fernando Eden, Ricardo Eden, etc... it's a nice name. I like the Biblical connection but I would never use for any of my kids.
-- Anonymous User  2/1/2014
Boys name. I went to school with a guy named Eden Cortez and he was really handsome. We all called him Eh-Dehn, not EE-DUN.

Eden to me is a boy's name. It's similar to the name Adam, but in Spanish the name Adam is Adan (AW-DAWN). Same with Eden, it's nearly the same but with an 'E', not an 'A'. Adan/Eden. It's entirely masculine throughout Mexico, South America and the caribbean (Puerto Rico/Cuba/Dominican Republic).
-- Bajafresh  2/1/2014
This is my name, and people are always calling me "Edn" (dropping the second e) or Edin with an "i" sound, so in case you guys are wondering, the second part of this name is typically pronounced "den" as in a fox den. Thanks.
-- edencg  5/2/2014
I am a teenage girl named Eden, and I love my name. I am the only one in my school named Eden and it makes me feel like a famous person because everyone simply knows me as "Eden" and doesn't need to know my last name to distinguish me from others. I am not religious, and I believe Eden is a girl's name. The way I pronounce it is "EEEE- DEN", I often have people pronouncing it "EDDD-IN" which is quite annoying! Overall I love my name and I love that it is unique and it means paradise.
-- Anonymous User  6/30/2014
My name is Eden Skye and I am a female. I adore my name! I've done extensive research into its meaning (just Eden, not Skye), and the words that turned up most were pleasure, paradise, delight and jewel. All very vivid and lovely meanings. Yay for parents who pick cool names!
-- edenskye  8/16/2014
I prefer Eden for a boy.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  8/22/2014

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