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This name is pronounced ed-en in Hebrew in Hebrew.
Miss Claire  12/5/2004
I have a friend who pronounces her name ed-in (like Ed in Edward).
― Anonymous User  9/8/2006
The Hebrew way to pronounce this name is "ED-en" not "EE-den".
Reina Vered  1/2/2009
Pronounced: EE-den
Or EE-dn.
SEC908  10/29/2012
It's also a Hebrew and Biblical name and popular in Israel (#43 for girls, #237 for boys), pronounced as ed-in in Hebrew and other languages.

This is the most similar pronunciation to what I'm thinking of (See Croatian male). [noted -ed]
― Anonymous User  1/12/2013
This is my name, and people are always calling me "Edn" (dropping the second e) or Edin with an "i" sound, so in case you guys are wondering, the second part of this name is typically pronounced "den" as in a fox den. Thanks.
edencg  5/2/2014

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