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Edurne Garcia Almagro (b. Dec 22 '85), a Sony BMG songstress (mostly pop) from Madrid, Spain bears this name. She was the sixth finalist on the Spanish TV Show "Operación Triunfo 2005".
Ora  9/20/2006
Basque pronunciation is similar to Spanish so, knowing that, we know that Edurne is pronounced either "eh-DOOR-neh" or "eh-DUR-neh".

Several Basque dialects also have no obvious stress on syllables so Edurne can also be pronounced simple "eh-door-neh" or "eh-dur-neh".
Ora  9/20/2006
Lol, it must be obvious since I've provided comments on famous bearers and pronunciation that I have some interest in this name.

I think it's classic and stunning and unique. Edurne (eh-dur-neh is my preferred pronunciation) sounds beautiful in the full-form (and has a lovely meaning), but has the possibility for several nice nicknames such as Ed, Eddie, Eda (Ada), Addy, Dana, Dina, etc.

It sounds like the sort of name a strong, confident and feminine woman would have - like a heroine in a novel.
Ora  9/20/2006
Like Ora said, ed-UR-na, eh-DUR-na or eh-DURN-eh would be the pronunciation. But, from the way it's spelled and my English bias, I'd say ee-DURN, and it sounds lovely both ways!
JiminyKrickit  9/20/2006
I really like the sound of this name. It's not choppy, it flows really well off your tongue. I just discovered this name, but I think it's a new fave!
JiminyKrickit  9/20/2006
Edurne comes from 'edur', that means 'snow' in the Vizcaine Basque dialect. In normal conversation in the Batua dialect (officialised by the government) though, 'snow' is referred as 'elur'; and 'elurte' means 'snowfall'.
Airienn  3/30/2009
Edurne Pasaban Lizarribar is a Basque Spanish mountaineer, from Tolosa, in the province of Gipuzkoa in the Basque Country, Spain. On May 17, 2010, she became the 21st person and the first woman to climb all of the fourteen eight-thousander peaks in the World. Her first 8, 000 peak had been achieved 9 years earlier, on May 23, 2001, when she climbed to the summit of Mount Everest.
cutenose  1/21/2017

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