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This is also a form of Helen.
wiswina  12/3/2005
No, Eileen is NOT gaelic for the Greek "Helen".
Think about it! The Greek language is not that old!
Eilean is the Scots gaelic for a small island. Many Scots name their children after their islands: Skye, Iona, Isla(y), Ailsa.
elliemae  8/28/2014
Eileen name meaning is bright. I think it's a pretty name.
― Anonymous User  10/11/2015
The Romanian name "Ileana" (ILEANA) also seems to be related to the name Eileen; all the related names appear to be feminine variations of the extremely-old Greek name Hellen or "the mythological progenitor of the Hellenes (Ἕλληνες), the son of Deucalion (or sometimes Zeus) and Pyrrha, brother of Amphictyon and father of..."; the KEY elements in names are the consonants, while the vowels vary according to various cultures!
D. Lucian I.  9/2/2016

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