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As far as I am aware, this name is Welsh - my friend Eilidh is Welsh and her family say they haven't heard of it being anything other than Welsh.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2004
Another form of Eilidh is Ailie, pronounced exactly the same way.
ailie  2/8/2005
I believe that Eilidh is Scots/Gaelic.
ailie  2/8/2005
Eilidh is a Scots Gaelic name which originated in the Western Highlands and Islands. Its meaning is 'Light'.
― Anonymous User  5/16/2005
Eilidh is a beautiful Gaelic name whose equivilants are Helen, Ellen and Elaine.
Ebba  2/2/2006
It is pronounced Ay-Lee.
stellaluna5394  10/20/2006
An adorable name! Very lively and full of spirit. The spelling may throw some people off, but I know an Eilidh, and she only needed to pronounce it once for people to remember it correctly.
celestial  1/10/2007
This name is pronounced like Kailey without the K: A-lee.
bilodeaujeanine  2/24/2007
I adore this name the sound is so pretty and soft.
YMPvt  3/3/2007
Pronounced ay-lee.
lorna 2626  11/6/2007
I shall correct you all. The name comes from the Scottish Gaelic word translated meaning light. It has been associated with other English spelt names such as Eileen but in reality there is no connection. My family historically have used this name, as we originated in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. I have appropriately named my daughter Eilidh because she is my ray of "Light".
shaunmacleod01  1/3/2008
My friend (who is Scottish) has the name Ailidh, which is pronouced the same way.
eguo0124  3/17/2008
I like it. I so wouldn't bother spelling it Ayleigh. This name will annoy my mum!
cheeseface  6/17/2008
One of my favourite names, and I would love to use it in the future. I think this name's become increasingly popular in Scotland as more parents turn to Gaelic or Gaelic sounding names that weren't necessarily traditionally used in Gaelic communities, along with names like Mhairi. I love it because it's obviously Gaelic and has a strong connection with traditional culture, which I like considering most girls names used in Scotland today are from other languages. At the same time though, it's quite familiar to people (at least in Scotland), easy to say, and is genuinely lovely sounding. So much so in fact that I'm surprised it hasn't been adopted more in other English speaking countries in the perhaps more user friendly form 'Ayleigh'- especially considering how popular all girls names ending in a 'lee' sound are.
sjm1789  7/2/2010
This name is really pretty, but it doesn't really work in the US because of the unfamiliar pronunciation.
Chrila96  10/5/2010
Eilidh Child, a Scottish athlete.
― Anonymous User  9/26/2014
This name is BEAUTIFUL! ^^
― Anonymous User  9/26/2014
Instead of pronouncing Eilidh by just leaving off the ending, I have a strange urge to say the DH as a sort of breathy sound... sort of like putting your mouth in position to say the sound of the letter D but then blowing instead of pronouncing the letter. (Come to think of it, kind of like the Welsh LL.) Can anyone tell me if this way of saying Eilidh could be at all correct?
― Anonymous User  1/5/2015
My name is Eilidh and it is pronounced like ai-lee. It is a Scottish Gaelic name but is also sometimes used in Wales. People say that it's Welsh but it's really not. It is the Scottish equivalent of the name Helen.
eilidh  6/2/2015
This is a gorgeous name! I love the way it's spelled and pronounced too. I can imagine an innocent and gorgeous red head girl.
thezenithofnadir  2/11/2017
My Granddaughter is called Eilidh, and my son and my daughter in law wanted a good Scottish name, and at first, they had looked the name Isla, but when they saw the true meaning of the word ‘Eilidh’ was Helen, they wanted it for sure. My name (of course.. lol)... and Eilidh now has a wee sister called Isla Belle!
Tinkerbell1  4/18/2018

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