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As far as I am aware, this name is Welsh - my friend Eilidh is Welsh and her family say they haven't heard of it being anything other than Welsh.
― Anonymous User  12/5/2004
I believe that Eilidh is Scots/Gaelic.
ailie  2/8/2005
Eilidh is a Scots Gaelic name which originated in the Western Highlands and Islands. Its meaning is 'Light'.
― Anonymous User  5/16/2005
I shall correct you all. The name comes from the Scottish Gaelic word translated meaning light. It has been associated with other English spelt names such as Eileen but in reality there is no connection. My family historically have used this name, as we originated in the Scottish Highlands and Islands. I have appropriately named my daughter Eilidh because she is my ray of "Light".
shaunmacleod01  1/3/2008
My name is Eilidh and it is pronounced like ai-lee. It is a Scottish Gaelic name but is also sometimes used in Wales. People say that it's Welsh but it's really not. It is the Scottish equivalent of the name Helen.
eilidh  6/2/2015

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