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I've only heard this pronounced IE-lish (2nd syllable rhymes with fish), not "leesh".
Elly747  1/14/2007
My real name is Eilish, and it's definitely pronounced so that it rhymes with 'fish'. Although, my mum says that I pronounce it wrong.
Plus, it is the best name ever.
RagnaraDenSvarta  12/3/2011
The person I know with this name says it "uh-LEESH" like the American pronunciation of Alicia or Felicia, but without the a at the end. (I initially thought it was "Alicia" until I saw it written.)
triangular  12/19/2012
I am called Eilish and I pronounce it AY-lish. Also, it means noble and kind.
EFarrelly  12/4/2017

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