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I absolutely love my name... Elanor. For 43yrs I have never known another Elanor. Glad to know that there are others.
Elanor74  9/20/2017
We named our daughter Elanor. It's the perfect name for her, when she was little she had lovely golden hair. She's 18 now and she's still our sun star, a beautiful, kind and gentle person.
Blossomsun  8/31/2016
I love Sindarin names, and Elanor is definitely one of my favourites.
Ardent  5/7/2016
I named my firstborn daughter Elanor after the flower in Lothlorien and Sam Gamgees daughter. Have to admit I shed a little tear at the end of the first of the LOTR trilogy. With a second name of Percival and its connotations with the Arthurian legend of the Holy Grail and Knights of the Round Table, I thought it would be a good start in life. She loves it.
davidpercival  10/18/2014
My absolute favorite name! I love it so much! Not only is it a fresh and beautiful rendition of a classic name, it has a Tolkien background! Lord of the Rings is such a great book trilogy but I never really thought I could get away naming my child anything obvious like Frodo or Aragorn, but even the name Sam seems to get some association right off. This seemed obscure enough to get away with.
I always thought Eleanor was very elderly, and this spelling seems very youthful. I also dislike the Elinor spelling, it seems a bit incomplete. I hope to name my daughter this, with the nickname Ella.
Skygray15  11/18/2013
An absolutely beautiful name. I plan on having this somewhere in my first daughter's name, whether it is her Christian name or her middle name. As a lover of Tolkien yet someone who is doesn't want to call her children obvious things like 'Frodo' and 'Arwen', it is perfect.
― Anonymous User  8/25/2012
And I thought it was a form of Eleanor. This is a beautiful name!
― Anonymous User  8/6/2012
Elanor is from Quenya, not Sindarin, but the meaning is correct.
Lostris  2/3/2012
I named my daughter Elanor 30 years ago, and only realized later that I had chosen the Tolkien spelling subconsciously. I'm a huge Tolkien fan, so I was pleased.
fairisle  2/24/2011
I think it's a beautiful name. I'm going to name my daughter Elanor.
Elerrina  7/28/2009
Elanor is a compound of the prefix "El", star, and "Anor", sun in Sindarin. Many Elvish names have "El" (star) as part of the name. The words Elf, Elves, Elvish etc are presumably derived from Tolkien's romantic notion that El meant "star" because Elves are beings of the evening starlight. The names Elrond (star-vault) and Elbereth (star-kindler) are other names for Elves. Anyone can make new Elvish names by combining similar words. For example, El (star) could be combined with Mir (jewel), Elmir, to form a name that Tolkien did not actually create. Tolkien gave the name elanor to a flower that grows on Cerin Amroth in Lothlorien. When Samwise Gamgee was pondering the name to give his first child, Frodo reminded him that Hobbits name their girls after flowers. Frodo recalled the beautiful flowers of elanor that they saw in Lothlorien, a place that Sauron's mind never apprehended. Sam's daughter Elanor later became maid of honor to Queen Arwen. She kept the red book after Sam left Middle Earth and sailed for Valinor. J R R Tolkien translated the red book from its native Westron into modern English and named it The Lord of the Rings. Following the death of the king, Arwen laid upon Cerin Amroth and there her grave remains until elanor and niphredil bloom no more East of the Sea.
Baranmir  11/14/2008
I'm an enormous Tolkien fan myself, and I'm already a big fan of the names Ellen and Eleanor, so I'd definitely consider naming a daughter this! It's elegant, feminine and just a little different, yet most people won't have any trouble pronouncing it because it's so similar to Eleanor.
vindemiatrix  6/7/2008
This is such a pretty name! I love the sound and spelling. And it coming from LotR makes it all the better.
melinda1  9/22/2007
It can also be a variant of Eleanor.
CharlieRob  6/8/2007
My name is Elanor. I guess it is an old and sophisticated name, but I've had it all my life and I'm only 15. I'm the only person I know with this name and I think its very special. My dad is an extreme Tolkien fan and has been for most of his life. By the time I was 10, I had already read the Hobbit and the LotR trilogy twice, and seen Tolkien's grave. Actually, I'm not a very big Tolkien fan myself, I wonder why that would be? =D
okgo913  2/19/2007
Two flowers that grow in Lothlórien: Elanor and Niphrendil.
― Anonymous User  2/7/2007
As well as being a flower in "The Lord of the Rings", Elanor is the name of the eldest daughter of one of the main characters, Samwise Gamgee. He named her after the flower at Frodo Baggins' suggestion, continuing a flower name tradition in the family of his wife, Rosie.
Chrisell  7/2/2006
Elanor is a son of Sam Gamgee. I always thought Eleanor was somewhat old. I can't imagine a little girl called Eleanor. I also like Elinor.
ringer007  5/13/2006
To the reviewer referring to Elanor Gamgee as Samwise Gamgee's son: I'm sorry, but you are incorrect, Elanor Gamgee, or Elanor the Fair, was Sam's eldest child, and first daughter. She was born with golden hair, and became Arwen's maid of honor. She married Fastred of Greenholm. Sam also called her Elanorelle.
Gypsy November  8/19/2012
Ever since I first read The Lord of the Rings and discoverd this name's Sindarin meaning, I have loved it. "Star Flower" is such a beautiful and poetic meaning.
beautyofwords9  3/3/2006
I love this name. I've always love Eleanor but I love this meaning and spelling a lot more.
Jeana Bradbury  1/17/2006

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