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My name is Eleanor after both my grandma and my mum... It's pronounced Ell-ah-nah which I find much prettier and everyone comments on how much nicer it is when pronounced that way.
For those of you not knowing how it can be pronounced like this, my Granddad used to explain that you wouldn't pronounce 'Doctor - Doc-TOR' or 'tractor - Trac-TOR' (well you might if you have an American accent) so this name follows the same structure :)
Eleanor93  10/12/2016
I'm English and live in the North West. My friend's name is Eleanor. She pronounces it 'ell-eh-nor' NOT 'ell-en-a' as do all her family and friends. I don't understand how Eleanor even remotely looks like it should be pronounced like Elena... O_o.
CurlySongbird  3/17/2012
In Britain it is pronounced EL-en-uh or EL-en-er. The 'NOR' part is not made at all unlike the American pronunciation.
Elea  4/22/2009
My sister's name is Eleanor, and I think it's an okay name, but we pronounce it ellen-uh, rather than with the influence on the "nor" suffix. I think that the pronunciation "elean-or" is more of an American thing.
walesgal92  4/19/2009
In England, it is not usually pronounced El-en-or, but El-en-er. I know, because it's my name, and no one - ever - pronounces is El-en-or. I think El-en-or is a more American pronunciation, and personally, I prefer the one I'm used to.
diluna25  4/6/2008
I've known two eccentrically pronounced 'Eleanors': Eleonor pronounced eh-LEE-a-nor and an Alieanor ahl-ya-AH-nor.
Locket  3/26/2008
This is my name. Athough I usually go by Ellie, when people first meet me, they sometimes address me as Eleanor. However, some people will pronounce it as though it were spelled Eleaner, which I think is really ugly! Please pronounce this name the correct way!
dogstar21  3/15/2008

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