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This is my name. Athough I usually go by Ellie, when people first meet me, they sometimes address me as Eleanor. However, some people will pronounce it as though it were spelled Eleaner, which I think is really ugly! Please pronounce this name the correct way!
-- dogstar21  3/15/2008
I've known two eccentrically pronounced 'Eleanors': Eleonor pronounced eh-LEE-a-nor and an Alieanor ahl-ya-AH-nor.
-- Locket  3/26/2008
In England, it is not usually pronounced El-en-or, but El-en-er. I know, because it's my name, and no one - ever - pronounces is El-en-or. I think El-en-or is a more American pronunciation, and personally, I prefer the one I'm used to.
-- diluna25  4/6/2008
My sister's name is Eleanor, and I think it's an okay name, but we pronounce it ellen-uh, rather than with the influence on the "nor" suffix. I think that the pronunciation "elean-or" is more of an American thing.
-- walesgal92  4/19/2009
In Britain it is pronounced EL-en-uh or EL-en-er. The 'NOR' part is not made at all unlike the American pronunciation.
-- Elea  4/22/2009
I'm English and live in the North West. My friend's name is Eleanor. She pronounces it 'ell-eh-nor' NOT 'ell-en-a' as do all her family and friends. I don't understand how Eleanor even remotely looks like it should be pronounced like Elena... O_o.
-- CurlySongbird  3/17/2012

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