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The origin of the name comes from Babylonian word "el azar", which means "favorite of gods". This is also the name (or some form of it) which in many religions were people which get resurrected by the central figure of that religion.
optik  3/12/2005
Technically, in Hebrew, Eliezer and Eleazar (or El'azar) are two slightly different names with different pronunciations. Eleazar is pronounced El-'ah-ZAR, not el-ee-EY-zer. In Eleazar, the second "e" represents a silent vowel, which causes a break between the "l" and the "a"; it's hard to reproduce in English.

Also, "El-azar" means "God helped" while "Eli-ezer" means "My God is (a) help".
RebDeb  2/27/2008

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