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It's not really the Welsh form of Helen. The name 'Elen' is rare. It's rather old and originated in Wales from their word 'elen' (nymph). It's my name, so I did good research on it.
-- moonlet  3/3/2005
Elen when pronounced like eh-LYNN also means "star" in J.R.R. Tolkien's language Quenya (created for his elves to speak).
-- Sedalyn  8/13/2005
Both Elen and Elin are Welsh forms of Helen, although the latter is more common. The eldest daughter of Llywelyn Fawr (Prince Llywelyn the Great, 12th-13th centuries) had the endearing half-rhyming name Elen ferch Llywelyn.
-- H Gravy  7/25/2006
Sorry, just to clarify, what I meant to say was that Elen and Elin are both *Welsh names*; quite possibly the derivation of Elen is from the word for a nymph, as moonlet says, and not from Helen -- I'm no etymological expert.
-- H Gravy  7/25/2006
Elen is also the Czech form.
Name Day: 16th March.
Nicknames: Ela, Elke, Elli, Elenica, Elea.
-- Janika  7/19/2007
Alena Antalová and her husband have a daughter Elen (born July 2007).
-- Janika  7/20/2007
A famous bearer is moderator Elen Valentová-Černá.
-- Karcoolka  7/20/2007
I really like this name, partly because it's my name. Also, I find that it's quite unique, as I've only ever met one other Elen. I've met plenty of Ellens. Also, I find that it can be quite annoying if you have English relatives or friends who call you Ellen. Plus, I have friends who can say Elen but they say Ellen.
-- FunkyPurpleTiger  5/3/2008
She might not be very famous, but Elen Rives, fiancee of Frank Lampard, who is a midfielder for England and Chelsea bears this name. She is Spanish.
-- Anonymous User  12/21/2008
Elen is also the Armenian form of Helen and is currently very popular in Armenia.
-- Anonymous User  2/17/2012

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