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In Russian this name would be pronounced YEH-lehn-ah.
Arieanne  2/5/2006
In Spanish, this name would be pronounced ay-LAY-nah.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2006
The Spanish pronunciation is not e-LAY-na. It is eh-LEH-na. Only in English is the name pronounced e-LAY-na, though where the long 'a' sound comes from really escapes me.
laura818  6/8/2006
Actually, it IS pronounced ay-LAY-na in Spanish. "E" is pronounced "ay," not "eh" in Spanish, so that's where the "ay" sound comes from in the English pronunciation, as well. This is my (non-Spanish) niece's name, but is also a fairly common name in the area where I live for girls of Mexican heritage, and they do NOT pronounce it ay-LEH-na.
karindwelle  3/26/2007
It is funny when non native speakers of Spanish try to teach us natives lessons on how to pronounce our language. I'm not a Mexican living in the US but a Spaniard living in Spain so I have a "slight" idea of how to speak Spanish.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2007
In Spanish this name is NOT pronunced ay-Lay-nuh but eh-leh-nah. It really bugs me when Americans pronounced this name ay-Lay-nuh and INSIST that it's the correct pronunciation. If this name where to be pronounced ay-LAY-nuh in Spanish then it would be spelled Eileina, so please pronounce it the right way!
michi_vane  6/25/2007
My name is Elena and my parents have always said it as E-Lee-Na. And to tell you the truth. I have never liked it.
newyorkheart  4/12/2007
A girl at my school's name is Elena and she pronounces it El-eh-na.
Hato-chan  5/27/2007
This is my name and everyone always pronounces it UH-lay-na, which I hate. Personally I think it should be pronounced the way it was meant, Eh-leh-na.
― Anonymous User  10/9/2007
You can pronounce it however you want, but the real pronunciation is e-leh-na. I mean c'mon, please, people, get it right.
aquarocky  6/3/2008
The Italian pronunciation is not e-LE-nah, but E-le-nah! [noted -ed]
presentperfect  12/19/2008
I'm not sure why anyone would look at the name Elena and pronounce the le as "lay". I've always heard it as "leh", and that makes sense to me. When I named one of my daughters my own variation of this name, I wanted it pronounced "ee-LAY-nah", so I spelled it Elaina.
Janey2  12/21/2008
Well, my name is Elena and I am Serbian so I was named after my great grandmother, Jelena (Ye-LEH-na) I pronounce my name E-LAY-nuh or just uh-LAY-nuh I find this the prettiest way to pronounce the name. I am frequently called Eh-LEH-na which I hate because personally I think it sounds kind of ugly.
ElenaYupThatsMyName  7/11/2009
In Croatia this name can be pronounced in 2 ways: el-LENN-ah or EL-en-ah. I love both of them.
enchy  9/2/2009
I like this name a lot. I pronounce it El-Lain-Uh.
italiannames  9/18/2009
My name is Elena and I pronounce it as ah-LEEN-nah (Aleena). I hate when people mispronounce it as Ah-lay-na or Eh-ley-na (Spanish). I'm African American and my ancestors are Native American descent as well as African American. My name is beautiful and it means shinning light, light of God and Bright.
LovelyLena  10/28/2009
This is my name. Most people say it eh-LAY-na, but usually American laziness makes it uh-LAY-na. I've always thought that the correct pronunciation was more like ee-lay-na, but I'd also heard the Spanish eh-leh-na and Russia ye-leh-na. I don't mind the "lay", but the "uh" bothers me, and it's always annoyed me to death when my grandma calls me "Elener." But I guess it's just her accent. My sister used to call me Miss Elenious.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2014
As is evident by the comments, this name has numerous regional variant pronunciations depending on the linguistic influences in that region. For those arguing the 'correct' Spanish pronunciation; there are notable differences in Spanish dialects from Spain to Mexico to Bolivia, etc. And the pronunciations may vary even in Spanish. Spanish dialects often have the regional indigenous population native to that region influence words in that particular dialect. So, you all have valid points.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2017
It’s not “American laziness” with the pronunciation “uh-lay-nuh, ” but rather simply the way it’s pronounced among most English speakers, at least in the U.S. Names are pronounced differently in different languages, accents, and dialects. Of course, there are simply incorrect ways to pronounce things; but to say Americans are ignorant or lazy when pronouncing something differently, not from ignorance, but rather from different regional accents and simply different ways of pronouncing things, isn’t very fair. I’ve heard English speakers from different English-speaking countries pronounce this name (and other names that Americans are given a hard time about for the way they say them) the “lazy American way,” yet it’s only the Americans who are given a hard time for it.
Sorry for the rant, but apparently the fact that people pronounce things differently based on where they come from needed to be brought back to people’s memory. Now, again, there certainly are incorrect and simply ignorant ways of pronouncing things; but when a significant number of people are pronouncing something the way they do simply because that’s how they speak does not indicate that they are lazy or ignorant.
Morgan1599  12/5/2017

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