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Pronounced El-fled-a.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2007
The name has that sound that makes it sound like someone is trying to pronounce something different but has a lisp, a burnt tongue, food in their mouth, or whatever. It's the ''LFL' combo that makes the name so bad.
slight night shiver  5/22/2008
I just discovered this name and I love it! You could use the nickname "Elfie!" Awww :)
Liesl  5/10/2013
I'm torn on this name. I like the association with the words 'elf' and 'fled', but it kind of reminds me of Alfredo sauce... It's pretty written but not spoken. Maybe coining a new way of saying it would help? Elf-lie-da maybe?
Skygray15  10/3/2013
It should be noted that Elfleda can also be a variant of the Anglo-Saxon feminine name Ælfflæd, which consists of the Old English elements 'ælf' meaning "elf" and 'flæd' meaning "beauty". An example of this is the 8th-century saint Ælfflæd of Whitby, whose name is also recorded as Elflaeda and Elfleda.

- (in English)
- see the entry for Ælfflæd on page 17 of "Women's Names in Old English" written by Dr. Elisabeth Okasha: (in English). [noted -ed]
Lucille  1/4/2017
It's spelled Ælffled in Bede's "A History of the English Church and People," which was finished in 731.
arrowhead909  4/17/2017

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