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Everyone I know pronounces Eli, Elijah, Elisha with a distinct long E. And then LIE as heard in "Do not LIE to me about your report card, Eli."

Also, I prefer it to be a nickname for Elijah or Elisha rather than a given name, because the Eli in the Bible was an old, fat, lazy man.
MC_Hamster  3/17/2007
This name is meant to be pronounced el-ee, like ellie, and sounds much nicer that way, of course its (mispronounced according to its origins) English version of ee-ligh is fine although it is reminiscent of the farm yard song 'ee aye ee aye o'.
Celeno  3/11/2008
Pronounced EH-lee (shortly).
MaggieSimpson  6/7/2010
In English pronunciation is "EH-lee".
― Anonymous User  7/5/2011
Czech and Slovak pronunciation is "EH-lee" (shortly).
Meg_Simpson  1/17/2012
Eli in Arabic is: اِيلاي.
Ali Hassan  8/16/2014
There is a boy in my class that has this name, except he spells it Ely. His full name is Elijah.
Blaxworth  7/13/2016

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