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This is an invented/fake name completely associated with the 2000 scandal in Florida, US.
― Anonymous User  3/13/2006
My name is Elian, I am a woman of 40 years from Holland. My Grand Mother's name was Elisabeth and my other Grand Mother was Johanna. My name is a combination of the two names, Eli-An. This satisfied both families for the new born Princess. Pain in the Ass that she is today!
jtuffee  11/22/2006
I have a son called Elian. I did some searching and found that the name originates from the name Elah which is Hebrew. Its meaning is "the oak tree".
mazda  1/4/2007
This gave rise to the Cornish surname Trevelyan, Elian's farm. Elian is a unisex Welsh name. St. Elian or Eilian has a sacred well consecrated to him (ffynnon eilian) where it could be from eilio meaning a moment in time, it could also be related to the Celtic root word meaning sun, it is also a Cornish and a Breton name.
Celeno  3/10/2008
A derivative of the Julian, this name was born by several early Christian saints, most notably St. Elian of Homs (also venerated in the West as St. Julian of Homs), a physician who refused to accept payment for his services.
ZenaisPhilonilla  9/16/2008
I have found another explanation for the origin of Elian (without the accent on the 'a'): it can ultimately have been derived from the Roman cognomen Aelianus.

The English form of Aelianus is usually Aelian and it's not inconceivable to think that (in some cases) the Ae- was swapped for an E-, making it Elian instead. This is what has often happened (also in my country) to names starting with Ae-: Aegidius became Egidius, Aemilius became Emilius, and so on.

Apart from that, Elian is the actual Polish and Ukrainian form of Aelianus. Compare also:

- Elijan = Croatian and Serbian form of Aelianus
- Élien = French form of Aelianus
- Eliano - Italian, Spanish and Portuguese form of Aelianus

So that's more evidence that there is more to Elian's origins than just Elián Gonzalez. :P.
Lucille  10/12/2012
Given Name ELIAN

GENDER: Masculine

USAGE: English

PRONOUNCED: EL-ee-ən, EL-yən, el-EE-ən

CONTRIBUTOR: enchy on 7/1/2011

Meaning & History

English form of Elián.
LMS  1/15/2017

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